f is one of those words that too many people spend their time wallowing in. If only I had done or not done this thing or another; If only I were dealt a better hand in life, etc.. What a waste of time and energy! So rather than wallow in those thing that could have or even should have been, I find it better to look at the word ‘if’ as something situational. Each situation is different, and in every case one must be prepared.

If you hesitate, a lion will come and think of you as prey. There are only two kinds of people in the world, the eaters and the eaten. If you don’t want to be eaten, then be decisive.

If you live with but half a heart, then start digging your grave.

If you mock the power of love it will torment you mercilessly.

If you do not live according to your dreams then you are condemned to live out those of others.

If you arrange that you speak, do so that it is like a musical composition. Others tend to appreciate such things and tend to be swept away by its passion.

If heaven did not care, we would all be alike.

If you find a void fill it. Nature abhors a vacuum.

If you make yourself low in the eyes of others, you will be walked upon.

If your own emotions are not under your control, then they are under the control of others. Don’t allow anyone that power which should be yours alone.

And perhaps most importantly,

If I had done what everyone advised me to do, I would have been dead long ago.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 192
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8 responses to “If….

  1. If you make yourself low in the eyes of others, you will be walked upon.

    THankyou especially for this one.

    Recently in my life there has been alot of stress and drama from a group of people I know. They’ve insisted that I need to learn humility and I’ve resisted the whole way.

    Thanks for the reassurance that it’s okay to be self-confident.

    P.S. I you want more info, read my LJ. I’d appreciate any feedback you can offer as I highly value your opinion.

    • I would be happy to take a look at your journal. 🙂

      The opinions of others we are told to ignore and yet they do niggle at our self doubts, don’t they? There is a difference between humility and self effacemant. There is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing who you are, and knowing your strong points as well as acknowledging those things where you are less than perfect. It’s a balance point, and the best person in the world to know that is you, yourself. If you let another person or persons define it for you, however well meaning their intentions, you have handed your power over to them. Don’t give them that right. They don’t deserve it.

  2. If heaven did not care, we would all be alike.

    *chuckling* Diverse as they may be, I’ll wager every soul currently in Hell shares at least a common case of frostbite. For well I know the Devil’s own fire would freeze solid a’fore Fanny Fae took to sounding like an earnest bride of Christ.

    • Hush now! You of all people know how often the idiots in the herd hae tried to burn me at the stake! Leave it to you to hone in on the one tidbit that I used!

      Where have ye been keeping yourself, Hector? I’ve a mind to do some catching up with one of the few remaining pirate Captains that truly understands a Wytch’s mind.

      • So long as I know you’re appropriating and not regurgitating what passes for Christian logic, I’ll rest assured all’s right with the world.

        I’ve been keeping well out of earshot. Yet still the little birds bring me tidings of ye, dear Fanny, and I do wonder at what I hear. I may know much of the wytch’s mind, but more of the woman’s eludes me. For though by your own words the only real woman is a wytch, and one who owns all that that means, I can’t help thinking the one disowned the other when she gave herself up to wife.

      • *visible only to Barbossa*

        *laughing softly* Never. Call it whatever you will, but in the scheme of things it is but a temporary acquiscence. I still rule myself, by myself, Hector….always.

  3. man, if you only knew how much i relate to fanny.

    i love your stuff and always have.

    keep writing.

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