PC Issues

This week one of my friends on my AIM list infected my PC with a malware / hijacking virus. It was someone whom I trusted and I was just bloody stupid. I should never have clicked on the link because it launched a bunch of exe’s that were disguised in the link to what was supposed to be an image. As of this moment I am on my old PC. I have no master disk for Windows XP for that machine that I can find. So…I have some options. I need to go out and buy another Win XP Home Edition disk today, or the situation might be so bad that my machine ends up in the shop. I am thinking that it probably will end up there. I don’t get a start menu at all.

I am hoping and praying that I have not lost months and months of work and writing because the HD needs to be reformatted. I have already spent over $80 trying to get rid of this damned malware. I will be up as soon as I can but it looks like I am going to be relegated to this machine for the time being. I really don’t have the time and the money for this bullshit.

I am so upset right now. I was going to spend my weekend writing and catching up and reps. Looks like that is probably not going to happen. 😦


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9 responses to “PC Issues

  1. May I suggest http://www.avast.com ? Also, using Ad-Aware SE Personal, both in safe mode with networking followed by a computer restoration to an earlier date. When you restore to an earlier date all saved files are kept. I find this to be extremely useful when I get a virus or such.

    • That is an excellent idea. The problem is that there are some other deep system issues as a result. I need to find some way to repair them. In the meantime, I am doing backups of the things that mean the most to me. *sigh* I am just so damned tired of this kind of crap.

  2. ooc

    😦 *hugs* I’m so sorry that happened to you.

  3. Can you doa system restore to the point before you got infected?

  4. Sorry…sounds like something nasty that hit us a few years back. Couldn’t even boot up in Safe Mode.

  5. It sounds awful! Lots of sympathy – and thanks for reminding the rest of us to make back-ups.

  6. Gah! What a supremely shitty deal. I’m sorry to hear this. *hugs!* I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you didn’t lose any of your writing!

    • I didn’t lose a single scrap of writing! Thank God! 🙂 I did however lose my music files, but most of those can be replaced.

      I miss chatting with you, sweetie! I hope all is well. 🙂

      • Yay! That’s a huge relief. And that would’ve been enough to make me tear my hair out. Or bite something… preferably the asshat who sent you the bloody thing! Although, do you know that it was intentional? I think my sister got a virus a while back that automatically sent itself out to everyone on her AOHell buddy list. Maybe it was something similar?

        I’ll track you down soon, I promise! I’ve been out of state, and then busy with work and family stuff. Gotta get cracking on the Captain’s posts, though he’s feeling lively enough now to pick on Fanny. *g*

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