OOC Note to all on my friends list on AIM

Last night, someone on my friends list send me an executable via an image that they said they were having problems with the display and printing of it. This was a trusted friend and so I didn’t think anything of it and clicked on it. Well, this launched a Trojan horse on my system I am trying to find out all the different names it goes by. I do believe one of its names is “Hijack This” where it takes over your browser.

Suffice it t say I will NEVER send you the URL of anything nor will I ever tell you to print anything out. If you get an URL from me in AIM, saying hey, I can’t see the top or bottom of this, can you print it out and see what you get? Because I NEVER, print anything except on the very rare occasion. Just so you all know and are not doing something that can spread this damned thing along.

Meanwhile, I am doing all I can to remove the bloody thing.


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11 responses to “OOC Note to all on my friends list on AIM

  1. Free online virus scan

    http://housecall.trendmicro.com/ Click on “Housecall”; this is the site I go to when I think something has gotten past the firewall, spy hunter and anti-virus programs on our systems.

  2. “Hijack This” is a spyware removal and registry editing tool.

    • Thank you. I think I was just grasping at whatever I could based on the names of the exe files that AVG picked up on.

      70+ infected files later I believe I got rid of it. 🙂

      • I’d still back everything up and nuke it. It’s possible that you might have a rootkit, and those things are impossible to get rid of.

      • I may end up doing that, once I find my XP disks in this mess and then get this 4 GB Flash drive configured so I can use it. That actually sounds like a good idea.

  3. OOC obviously.

    Ugh. *hugs you* Thank you so much for the warning. I cannot believe people can actually do that now. 😦

    • Re: OOC obviously.

      *hugs* I think I got rid of it. 🙂 I downloaded PC Tools Software’s Spyware Doctor. It found over 70 malicious files this thing launched! It got rid of the problem and now my machine has been “innoculated” against future attacks. It did cost me $29, but hey, its better than losing everything on my PC, etc.

      • Re: OOC obviously.

        I’m on my way to bed but I had to respond before going. I’m so glad you were able to save your computer. 😛 It is a lot better than losing everything on your PC or even just your PC in general. If something did happen, Athos would have to cut a bitch. Seriously. 😉

      • Re: OOC obviously.

        Athos would have to cut a bitch.

        I’m sorry, I’m just over here laughing my ass off and trying not to wake up my mom and sister.

      • Re: OOC obviously.

        LOL! Glad we were able to amuse. ;D

  4. Your Trojan War…

    That’s awful! Makes me feel fortunate that I don’t use any IM programs-at least I can’t have that problem.

    Congratulations on your victory over the evils of the trojan virus. Let’s hope it’s a battle you’ll not have to repeat.

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