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OOC Note to all on my friends list on AIM

Last night, someone on my friends list send me an executable via an image that they said they were having problems with the display and printing of it. This was a trusted friend and so I didn’t think anything of it and clicked on it. Well, this launched a Trojan horse on my system I am trying to find out all the different names it goes by. I do believe one of its names is “Hijack This” where it takes over your browser.

Suffice it t say I will NEVER send you the URL of anything nor will I ever tell you to print anything out. If you get an URL from me in AIM, saying hey, I can’t see the top or bottom of this, can you print it out and see what you get? Because I NEVER, print anything except on the very rare occasion. Just so you all know and are not doing something that can spread this damned thing along.

Meanwhile, I am doing all I can to remove the bloody thing.


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What makes you angriest?

hat makes me the angriest is failure because a person refuses to try.

The words, “I can’t,” or”I cannot” are words I will never speak. If I choose to do or not to do, then it is my will that makes it so. But to surrender and an excuse, to crumble, and give up – such a thing is abhorrent to me. I cannot abide it when someone simply gives up. How can you give up if you still draw breath? Only the dead “can’t”do something.

Perhaps my own level of patience toward the word is such because the Fae are effectively immortal. We can afford to have the patience to wait out our enemies and win over a long period of time. Life has its challenges, but it also has its opportunities. You cannot if you say you cannot. Resignation to the sorry state of mind to which you might find yourself and giving up, is no excuse.

Muse:Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character/ Folklore / Mythology
Word Count:155
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“Know how to use enemies for your own profit. You must learn to grab a sword not by the blade but by the handle, which allows you to defend yourself. The wise man profits more from his enemies than a fool does from his friends.” – Baltasar Gracian, 1601 – 1658

oyalty is one of those concepts that is a double edged sword. There are few that have it in their hearts to be loyal when they are faced down with those things and events that would cause them inconvenience, discomfort or potential harm. That is why one of my personal mottoes is loyalty is like an oath. If you break it, it is an anathema. I have always been loyal to myself, my agenda and what I want. There are those upon the way, allies if you will, who have assisted me in one fashion or another. To these I am very loyal. It is true that history is more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of alleged friends. Loyalty is a fine quality, but in excess it is the executioner’s blade at your neck. The graveyards are full of those who were loyal to the wrong things.

Be loyal to yourself and loyal in your diligence against your enemies. If they are of any merit whatsoever, then they are equally loyal and diligent in their cause against you. In some ways, such fidelities can at times be even stronger than the bonds of friendship, or even of love. Lovers can turn, as can enemies. Nothing is more surprising than the one who was once your enemy, now becoming a friend and ones who were a trusted friend, reveal their secret of having been all the while in fact your enemy. That is why I have always said, never put too much trust in your friends (or family) and learn well how to use your enemies. Enemies who are open in their opposition to you and your cause have a tendency to at times be far more loyal than even those who bend their knee to you bow their neck and swear fealty. If you do not have enemies….make them. If you are merciful to an enemy and trade him his life for loyalty to you, he will be far more diligent in his loyalty, than a friend. The gaping maw of ingratitude is far more dangerous. You know what will happen when you place your hand into the jaws of a crocodile and will take great care so that no move is left unobserved. But with a friend, you have no such need for caution.

Therein lies the danger.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 395 (words of the quotation were not included in count)
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In the Domain of the Dominatrix (Part 1)

OOC: This is a piece that I posted under my niankhsekhmetID some time ago. This was originally written over on Pan Historia for Tango Cattivo It is rated NC-17 for language, graphic sex and violence…because, well it is fiction and I just happen to write that kind of stuff. Please note that all characters are completely fictional. All resemblance to anyone either living or dead is purely coincidental – and no, I am not writing from personal experience here! Again, look up the word ‘fiction’ in the dictionary just so that there is NO confusion. Fanny does not appear in this story.

Backstory: Dominique Nefaria owns an exclusive fetish club near NYC that pulls down approximately $30G’s per week. She is, unfortunately, married to a cop who is more than a bit on the take. Her husband is cutting into her business and wanting to expand into the ever-lucrative field of blackmail. Dominique has gone to the son of the man who helped her start the club, Vincent LaGuardia Gambini, who is of course part of organized crime. She has asked for help again with the promise of a lucrative percentage in the club if they can help make her dirty cop husband disappear. Vincent’s piece was written by a co-writer in the ‘novel’. That is defitely why the dialogue etc does not seem the same as the earlier bits.

“Certainly I have often told you that pain holds a peculiar attraction for me, and that nothing kindles my passion quite so much as tyranny, cruelty and above all, unfaithfulness in a beautiful woman” – Leopold Von Sachermasoch

NC-17 behind the cut for sex, language & violence

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Protected: Journey to the Fortunate Island (filtered)

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When I Awoke the Next Morning…

found that my retinue and I had made our way from the Fortunate Island to Scotland. All up and down the river were signs of both upheaval and recalcitrant signs of reconstruction. The sails of the barge of the Great House, inscribed with my seals and insignia called a soft attention to both noble and peasant who watched the passage of our immense vessel from both sides of the great, lazy river.

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June’s Prompt

OOC: This post that has been crossposted to is admittedly a compilation of answers that Fanny has written elsewhere in this journal. This is a charcter development exercise, so feel free to skip it if you like! 🙂

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Out of curiosity…

Why is it when you are what some might consider beautiful, that they often like to assume that you must at least be stupid as well? As if the gods could not be bothered to give you both intelligence as well as attractiveness! I find myself being talked down to on a regular basis. Then if by chance they do find out that you actually have wit and intelligence to match the package, they almost instantly become intimidated by it. Every moment that follows thereafter they spend trying to discern what your flaws are. I have seen some literally scrunch up their faces with determination while trying to ferret out what it might be that could be my Achilles’ heel.

I recently received a correspondence from a ruler of my acquaintance.

I am astonished that you have come to know how to read and write, Madame! Surely this is an unnatural state for a woman! Such things, in my experience, are unfit for women to know. Begging your pardon, I find it unbelievable that you do not have a male scribe to dictate your correspondence to! Surely your race and your people know that it is absurd to teach learning to women! Surely a woman as beautiful as yourself has no need to take upon herself such tasks that are ill suited to her. You, Madame, should beseech your greatest advisers to find you a suitable match who can alleviate such concerns from your brow. Certainly some women are quite able to handle the arduous duties of commerce and rulership, but if left unchecked without the guiding hand of a man, a woman will be left helpless and fall into the trap of mental imbecility. Your people do a grave disservice to you, Madame, if you are left to your own devices so tragically!

A woman’s attention should focus upon her appearance, with the closest attention to her garmenture and appropriate jewellery. She should be of good temperament and docility in order to be nothing but the greatest pleasure to her husband. Giving a woman over to learn those things which are the realms of men gives her to arrogance and self-conceit. Such are the consequences of filling a woman’s head with more than she can readily handle. It is by far the best institution of the Gods that most women should die upon the pyre with the bodies of their husbands, since they are mostly incapable of acting for themselves. These are wise regulations for any man to live by and women should feel protected by such considerations to her care!

I am unclear as to how I should react to such a ridiculous missive! I have ruled alone for many more years than this over bloated and certainly overdressed popinjay has been alive. If it were not so tragic it would be laughable. My only hope is to one day meet this man face to face and make his wives widows and with the right of conquest set them all free and leave his wealth to dispose of as they choose.

But what is true, it was not so very long ago that even the so-called modern world viewed women with such disdain.


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