Generally speaking, how do you think others perceive you?

t all depends upon whom you ask, really. I am told that I am far too ambitious, far too arrogant, or far too beautiful to be of much use to anyone. I was once accused of being rather nice to look at, but with the added caveat that one should never turn their backs on such a woman. They would never know what exactly what to expect. People perceive shall perceive things as they will. Perceptions are not so easily changed and yet there is great power in being both underestimated as well as overestimated in the eyes of others. It keeps more than a few of them in a suspended state of terror. That, too, can be quite useful when the time comes.

To be completely honest, there are very few in the world whom I care about what they think of me. These individuals, of course, know who they are.

Everyone else can go hang.

Muse: Fanny Fae, &copy Ma’at Publishing 1995 -2007
Fandom: Original Fiction &copy / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 157
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6 responses to “Generally speaking, how do you think others perceive you?

  1. It sounds as if they people are labeling you by their own insecurities.

    • Oui, Madame. It would seem so. *smiles* How are you, Madame?

      • Madame is used as a courtesy title before a name or full name of a woman: Madame Alexis. The title Madame is used as a form of polite address.

      • I am terribly sorry. Forgive my faux pas since your language is not my own.

        I don’t believe we were properly introduced. I am Francis Moira MacKay Ringo. But you may refer to me as ‘Your Grace’ or ‘Lady Faelyn’ in deference to my own position and title. .

      • Greetings Lady Faelyn, it is nice to make your acquaintance.

        I like your icon.

      • OOC

        OOC: Sorry, Fanny was a bit put out with regard to Madame Alexis’ comment. Being who and what she is, (half Fae) she tends to get a little pissy about her titles when others insist on ‘correcting’ her.

        I am sure Madame Alexis and Fanny will iron it out. 😉

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