Meme borrowed from atia

– Friends.
– Sex.
– Music.
– Drugs.
– Love.
– (Free Topic) Anything at all.

No matter how rude, sexual, or confidential. You don’t have to put this in your journal if you don’t want. I might go over to yours and ask you the same thing. I may be slow to reply however.


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11 responses to “Meme borrowed from atia

  1. Mommy says you are a nice lady and a friend. Is that true? *blink blink*


    Have you heard Kermit’s “Rainbow Song”?

    I love dogs…do you love dogs?

    *whispers* Are you a …faerie?

    Sorry, she didn’t ask them all and well, posting it in her journal…will happen when I can think of lighter questions to replace drugs and sex 🙂

    • *smiles down at Phoebe.*

      I love little children. I am a nice friend to your mama, and I hope now to you, too.

      Yes, I have heard Kermit’s rainbow song. He is a very talented and wonderful frog. I like Kermit very much. Have you met him?

      I love dogs, too. I don’t have a dog yet, but I suppose my children will have dogs soon enough if their Bill-Pa has his way! 😉

      And yes, I am one of the Fae. Are you a Fae, too? 🙂

      • Oh yes, friends. *nod nod*

        I have! He’s sooooo nice.

        I think my Little Dag may be having puppies soon. That’s what mommy says. Can boy dags have puppies? *blink blink*

        I’m a cherub…though mommy says that’s shorthand for erote. *over Phoebe’s head atm :)*

  2. I have only one question. What is your favourite simple pleasure? Nothing abstract, mind, but something that can be cherished by one of the five senses.

    • ~Fanny thinks for a long moment and gives Jareth a small smile~

      Only one of the five senses? That is probably one of the hardest challenges you have posed to me, Jareth. The simple pleasure that gives me the most joy is that deep at the heart of it everything for me. No matter how much power I may study or attain, I am still little more than a simple herbalist. The whole of the five senses are used within the art. I mean, I don’t really know how it could be any other way, Jareth. I love being in the woods, or garden and the sight of the plants, their smells – touching them, and the feel of the soil underneath foot and hands. Then how each of these things tastes. The simplicity of this pleasure in turn becomes an abstract complexity. Plants are simple and yet they know so much more than the majority of the worlds creatures. Life begins here – there is something deep and profound about spending time in a garden. It is the one thing that opens up everything else for me.

      I am betting, however, that you weren’t expecting that answer, were you?

      • It’s a compliment, Fanny, that I know better than to expect anything from you. *smiles*

        It does surprise me, though, that your passion runs so deeply there.

      • OOC:

        Welcome back! Mun and Fanny have missed you and Jareth very much. I hope the sore throat is better soon! *uploads copious amounts of echinacea, osha root and honey. 🙂

      • There is a story among our people. I wonder if you have not heard of it, since it discusses the Underground so much. There is a great tree, the Ash, that stands at the foundation of the world. This tree goes through the seven realms of existence and it binds them all together. The roots of this tree go down to the Otherworld – the Underground. It is this place that is spoken of in hushed voices. The Underground is a most important place for we who are herbalists. It is here that we must journey, and learn to navigate. It is here that we learn the inherrent power that is little spoken of, but so very important. Here the tools that one needs in the waking world – as well as in the subtle realms are won….or even lost.

        We both know that this is not just a place of abstraction, removed from existence until the waking mind finally alights its fickle thoughts upon it. But rather the living, yet oft hidden realm is the place where the three roots decend. Primordia, which is all possible paths one might decide to take, materia, the material world where all practical experience of the waking time occurs. The last conjoins them all, and that is potentia, the potential that is inherrent there.

        So you see, there is a deep and very real power that is found in the Underground. It is a living realm that tests and transforms. For some the realm is hidden and never found. For others it is accessible and yet they will never understand it. For still others, the embrace it, appreciate it and respect it for what it is and its importance. There is the opportunity for experience there as well as the Guardian of the Underground, represented by a large Oak. *smiles* To be truthful, I have always thought of that Guardian as you, Jareth. All those hoping to gain something by transversing the byways of the world of the Underground must do so and face their tests. Gifts are never given lightly, and never without a price. The Oak is the tree of ultimate responsibility, and the lessons, though never a proverbial piece of cake, render very valuable gifts.

        OOC: Oops! Had a problem with the post. My apologies for multiples!

  3. *smiles down at her daughter* Of course I can sing to you. I love you too, precious! And your Papa loves you, too. Friends are a lovely thing to have. Yes, you may have a drink, Maria made some lemonade in the Kitchen. Go ask her for some.

    Kermit is a frog, a very nice frog – who sings. Maybe Phoebe or I can introduce you to him. 🙂

  4. I’m a little person too! *giggles*

  5. Mmmm, lemonade. *eyes get big*

    With lots of sugar? *like she needs any *G* *

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