I don’t believe in failure. Defeat and retreat are not synonymous with failure. The only way that a person could ever truly fail is if they gave up, or worse, refused to try. Everyone has setbacks, everyone experiences defeat. But to crumple up and decide that the experience is a failure is to refuse to learn from it. The refusal to improvise, adapt and overcome is where failure lies. I have had my fair share of defeat and dined on heaping servings of crow.

One such incident during the Fae Wars was when the Fortunate Island fell to the forces of Prince Itet. I had thought I would be able to hold the Ancient City against him and his allies. We were an island of Priestesses, though some of us were trained in weapons and warfare as well as the Temple arts, we were defeated – I was defeated.

But from the moment my foot touched the helm of the barge that carried away from home, I looked over my shoulder at the city and knew that I would return to retake what was mine. In the mists, the towers stood imperious and proud, behind them lay the mountains, a deep lapis blue. The banners of my house still flew from the pitched rooftops of the castle, but not for long. By the time that we were halfway across the bay, some of Itet’s army had made their way to the tower and were pulling down the banner.

“Enjoy your victory…for now, Itet,” I whispered. My mind and my heart burned with thoughts of revenge. In that moment such dark emotions often serve to spur us back from the precipice defeat.

The bargeman mearely looked from his pole at me as if I had lost my mind. He was, however, both careful and wise to remain silent.

Muse:Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character, folklore, mythology
Word Count: 282
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3 responses to “Failure…

  1. OOC : *fangirls* I love all of your prompts. I just wanted you to know.

    • OOC: Squee! That means a whole lot coming from you, because Fanny and I are complete fangirls of Morgana le Fay.

      Speaking of that…Fanny just gave birth to twins and would like Morgana to be the godmother to her daughter, Fiona Faelyn. Is that something she would consider?

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