Write a Letter to Yourself as a Child

Dear Faelyn:

You do not know it now, but you will lead an extraordinary life. The woman whom you know as your foster mother, Morgienne, is no friend to you. I cannot tell you more than this, except be on your guard against her. Remember who you are, remember well the lessons of power, learn them well. Commit them to memory. Be the perfect courtier. Never outshine your superiors, learn to control your emotions, and assure always that your company is the source of pleasure. People will flock to this quality like moths to a flame, and confidences and privy secrets laid at your feet to make use of at a later time. You will need all of these things at your disposal.

You have not known love, yet, but you will. You will be loved by more than one man in your life, but you yourself will find true love with one only. This will take a very long time. When you find him at last, you will know. He will be all that you ever have been told that love is, and more. Be certain that he will give you his soul before he gives you his heart. Trust me on this. Never doubt it for an instant.

You will have children of your own someday. One shall be the issue of the loins of a King, while the others, conceived of love. The first taken from your breast after only four days, the others – well the others, you will find out soon enough.

Stay proud, and always remember who and what you are.


Your Adult Self

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 253
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5 responses to “Write a Letter to Yourself as a Child

  1. I wonder… Would you, that is, the younger you, pay any real attention to such a letter if she were to receive it?

    • ~Fanny lets out a delighted laugh that is borne of pure amusement~

      Why, Jareth! You struck the heart of the mattter truly.

      Of course, I wouldn’t have! 😉 And I know that if I had, my life would not have been nearly so interesting. The victories and vengeances will not have been nearly so sweet, I think.

      OOC: Sorry about the multiples….I was half awake and not thinking yet. Please note that Muse has kicked Mun’s arse soundly for being so negligent during for her reply.

      • That is food for thought, then. Is there *anything* you would’ve liked to be prepared for, then?

        OOC: No problem, I figured it was something like that. And hey, I’m just as guilty (if not more) of being tardy with my replies. 😀

      • ~Fanny thinks for a long moment.~

        Honstely…No. I mean I know it sounds somewhat silly, but really, there is no fun in that approach. Half of the joy of life seems to be in confronting challenges and opportunities so that you can best them. Having one’s wits about them is about all the preparation in life that is necessary. And, well, I like challenges.

  2. ((I fixed the problem. My layout isn’t compatible with Opera. Anyways, view me on your Friends’ page and I put up an lj-cut to lead to the entry itself. It will always read ‘Through Dangers Untold…’ I hope this helps.))

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