Theatrical Muse – Fog – Photo Prompt

The rising sun barely gave form to the shadows that swam in the fog. I stood on the shore and stared off at the Fortunate Island, my home – my island. The channel would be one of two approaches. Surely from one of the turrets that just showed their shadowy outlines in the mist, Prince Itet was aware of our boats on the opposite shore. What he was not aware of was the Seelie ships that lay out to sea, close enough but well within striking range of the shore.

I could feel Nuada standing behind me, but I did not turn. He remained quiet for long moments just behind me, the wind coming off the channel blew my hair around my face and caused a gull to wheel above our heads against it’s cold blast. Still, I could feel Nuada’s warmth at my back.

“You could solve this now, Faelyn, “he said softly, “agree to be my queen and we could re-take the Island with no shedding of blood. Even Itet’s claim would not stand before that.“

“No,” I said, not turning, my voice was icy even to my own ears, “I will not have the court accuse that I only married you to regain what is already mine. It would be too tempting for most to resist, and certainly would be so for Itet.”

I could not tell him that I had made up my mind that I would never deign to be any man’s wife, whether he be a king or commoner. A Queen that rules alone and by her own right is a force to be reckoned with, but one that is merely consort to a king; she is worth little more than a broodmare in a stable.

Nuada laid a hand on my shoulder, “Your way, then. We launch within the hour. “

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Mythology / Folklore
Word Count: 302
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OOC Comment: The events of this post took place in Fanny’s distant past, during the Sidhe War.

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