Losing Control

How does one kill an imortal? A Sidhe? Another Fae?

Darkness had fallen over the Island at last. Upon my own soil I would have to face the daughter of Nuada, the Princess Kalypso in a duel. She had called for blood, and had set down the challenge before the entire Sidhe court, both Seelie and Unseelie alike. I had no choice but to answer. If I lost, she inherited my throne and her father would have no choice but to honour the alliance of the two houses. Both the Seelie and the Fortunate Island would fall to Itet. I had to believe that it was Itet that put her up to it. In my mind I could almost sense the dark spell that Itet must have formed to have Kalypso betray her own father, but I had no proof. Magic can be traced back to the originator, unless of course, the originator is as skilled in magic as you are.

She drew first blood from me. The blade of her sword gleamed in the dim light of the throne room met my own armour, I had not brought my own blade up fast enough and so it bit into my arm. I could feel the warm trickle of blood running down my forearm and I did not have to glance at my hand to realize that the blood spilling over my wrist and hilt of my sword was my own. The blade bit and I winced, unable to keep back a sharp cry.

“Scream, Faelyn,” Kalypso smiled, “let them all hear you scream and I will make your death quick.”

I didn’t. I would not give her the satisfaction. Kalypso’s eyes glared at me and she laughed at her advantage. I fixed my gaze and with a wide striking arc, I brought my blade up in a parrying blow, knocking her off balance. At the last I struck her across the jaw pommel of my sword, sending her flying across to the other side of the arena. Roaring like an animal, I was on my foe with my blade. We crossed blades and when I saw an opening, I set upon her, thrusting my sword up into her belly and yanking up and over. Blood spilled from her gut onto my tunic. With a low moan she fell with a thud onto floor and I wiped the sweat from my cheek with a bloodied hand. By the time the blood-lust, the blindness caused when one Sidhe spills the blood of another lifted from my awareness, There was little left of the woman that had once been Princess Kalypso, daughter of Nuada.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 453
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2 responses to “Losing Control

  1. Well written.
    Great prose to read when returning from a 19/20 day absence.
    Take care.

  2. Actually, no, love. It would have wounded her, to be sure, but it would’na hae killed her. That had to be done with a blade of a certain type, otherwise she could have healed herself given time. The death blow must come either through the heart or by beheading. The sword I had was specifically designed for such a purpose. Make no mistake, she had something similar, and if given the chance, she would hae taken my life in similar fashion.

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