Most people wish that I… (What? Complete the thought and write a ficlette about it.)

Most people wish I did not understand and wield the laws of Power so well. Members of my own family are convinced that my understanding of what True Power is will lead to the betrayal of what is most important to me. As if I could, in my pursuit, ultimately betray those whom I love, and in turn betray myself. They may not always understand what it is that I do, or why, but when the provings come, I will do what is necessary. Most people wish I was a conventional woman, with a conventional understanding and limited scope and sphere of contentment. In short, most people wish that I were not a Wytch.

Although, there was one happy exception to this rule. I had one person tell me that I was not fully living up to my potential. How very refreshing to have someone have the courage to tell me that I could do better, and not listen to what most people say. He reminded me quite well that it was this defiance of what most people want and expect that led to my usurpation of my power and position from Morgienne.

He is right. I have never really cared too terribly much about what most people wish. It’s my wish and my Will that matters. I do as I please when it pleases me to do so. Those who know me best appreciate that because they know that when I am there, I am truly there because I desire to be – not because I have been guilted into doing what everyone else thinks I should. It’s liberating, for everyone knows precisely where they stand.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 261
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7 responses to “Most people wish that I… (What? Complete the thought and write a ficlette about it.)

  1. I do as I please when it pleases me to do so.

    The problem is…how much of a conscience you have, ’cause, if you’ve got one, than those words above might not always stand true.

    • That is probably true of everyone. I have a conscience where my family is concerned.

      Everyone else can go hang. 😉

      • What about your family’s friends? Your friends?
        See, the problem with never knows when to stop.

      • *raised eyebrow*

        Wait….this is you asking ME about conscience. Has the order of the Universe somehow reversed, or have you turned a new leaf, Frankie? 😉

      • Nope *grins* Unless it’s one I can smoke, that is.

        Left my conscience somewhere between New Mexico and Texas. I think.

        But if you care about your family, hell, you still got one. Careful. Least you expect it, it’ll roar up with a vengeance.

      • I’ve got plenty of new and interesting leaves for you to smoke, Frankie, probably most you have never even heard of and take you to places you have never experienced a’fore. 😉

        I do care about my family, Frankie. And I am always very careful on that regard.

        As for vengeance, I have always lived in a world where vengeance is a way of life. My husband tries to get me to promise that I won’t exact vengeance on the rest of the town, should he meet his end. You probably can relate on how hard it would be to keep such a promise.

      • I wouldn’t keep it. What’s the point? Once he’s dead, he’s dead, so the hell with the town.

        Leaves, you say?

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