Have you ever experienced something you couldn’t explain?

Write down your brushes with the mysterious

What are the so-called ‘Mysteries’ anyway, except those things which you don’t really quite understand yet? Dealing with magic, dealing with the seen, the unseen – the seven realms of existence, all of these things are not so very mysterious once you know how. Cooking can be a mystery until you know the secret of the proper measurements and temperature, to turn out something that nourishes. Building a fire can be a mystery to those who have never done so a’fore and yet, fire possesses it’s own magic and mystery that goes far beyond the initial ignition of it.

Experiencing the Mystery, the true Mystery of life is mostly found just in the act of living. That is no profound philosophical pronouncement on my part; it’s the simple and honest truth. Anyone can talk with the dead. All you need to do is just say “Hello”. Anyone can make their dreams come true – they need to merely focus on what it is they want and set about If you are turned aside, again, that is a choice, isn’t it?

Life is a Mystery – and it’s a glorious one that dares us to have the will to seek out and to investigate the Mysteries, embrace them and call them our own. Those who understand a Mystery – no matter which one it is, don’t really need to talk about it. They just incorporate its understanding into themselves.

In other words, they become that which is considered Mysterious.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction / Mythology/Folklore
Word Count:244

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10 responses to “Have you ever experienced something you couldn’t explain?

  1. hehehe thats me ;p

    AND, thats also probably the greatest o’ putting it that I’ve ever come across

    • *blush* Thank you, Ashe! 🙂 I was just ruminating and came up with the assignment for Theatrical Muse. Unfortunately, they’ve been asking stupid questions of us as of late.

  2. Anyone can talk with the dead. All you need to do is just say “Hello”.

    I’ll have to ask if I can quote you there. It’s so wonderfully put in so many ways.

  3. Cooking remains a mystery. I can’t even spell it.

  4. I like the mysteries of life, and I like that no matter how long we live, there are many many mysteries which will never be solved.

    I *like* knowing that I can’t explain why the great unseelie hound of Vavale was haunting our house earlier this year. I have my ideas, but it still remains, largely a mystery. 🙂

    • Now, that does sound fascinating! You’ll have to tell me more about that.

      I would agree, no matter how long we are here, there are some things that will neér be solved, but do we really need to? Some people just cannot accept that there are things that should remain mysterious. It doesn’t necessarily make them frightening – altough I have known those who are skittish enough to think them so.

  5. Hmm… indeed life is a mystery.
    More the afterlife is more so. ::nods;: an interesting subject, my dear.
    de Kalb and that specific experience still remains the greatest mystery to me. He’s still become my greatest obsession.

    The only mystery I have in life is… why are people so damn dumb?!

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