What is your most treasured possession and why?

My most treasured possession is my book, in my own hand of write. What is inside, what I have gained, what I know, I have written there. There are those who term this a “Book of Shadows”. For me it is more a book of illumination in the darkness of what can be considered one person’s life experiences. Aye, to those that ask, it contains certain formulae and spells written in Latin, Gaelic and Creole and English. I have the knowledge of herbes well within it’s leathern covers, and may flowers, leaves and feathers and trinkets gathered in my life within its pages. In it, it is obvious that there are things that most women – or even men have ne’er learned, nor been given opportunity to do so. Astronomy, mathematics, and the natural sciences. This will pass to my children – and I hope that they gain something from what I have learned – and add to it or make their very own.

There are other things in my life, which cannot be referred to as possessions. Those things are private and personal and not up for public scrutiny nor debate.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction / Folklore and Legend
Word Count:189


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5 responses to “What is your most treasured possession and why?

  1. Hmm, I do hope you’ve safeguarded this book well.

    • Aye, Jareth. I have. It’s in a place that few would find it. I’ve had to be rather protective of it, separated from it, as well.

      I am curious, do you have anything that is similar?

      • Not something that is written, no. I confess that I don’t have the… How shall I say it, the skill to put my accomplishments into words. But since it is so easy to move time back and forth that if I wanted to remember a nearly-forgotten moment of yesterday it wouldn’t be difficult at all.

      • *raised eyebrow* I don’t understand, Jareth. What do you mean you don’t have the “skill” to put your accomplishments into words? I would think that you would have every skill of that nature available at your disposal. Although, I will admit that your moving time back and forth is a skill of yours which I have long admired.

        That is one skill I have not yet mastered. Would that I could. *sigh*

      • There are those who express themselves through words, and there are those who express themselves through other means such as painting or sculpture. Or like myself, through song. Now I’m not a minstrel, and most certainly not a songbird, but I find that music can be a very satisfying outlet.

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