What in your life are you the most dissatisfied with, and why?

I am dissatisfied with the fact that there are very few with whom I can relate. If anything, I consider myself to be amoral. But to hear anyone else talk, that amorality is interpreted most often as immorality. Even those who have the absolute least right to cast judgement upon another do so. It does not matter whom they rob or kill or lie to, whenever they find you are a Wytch, you are always worse than they are. You might as well have the mark of the Beast tattooed somewhere on your person, with most expecting it to be either on your breast or your arse. I am dissatisfied with having to explain, defend, or to fight. I’faith, I’d just as soon be left alone to my own devices. But then, when you are a Wytch, those devices are the very thing that many people, fear the most. If you are left alone to mind your own business, somehow, some way you are making mayhem and trouble at everyone else’s expense.

And if you are unrepentant, and unapologetic for any of things, as certainly I am, then there are even fewer who understand this.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction, Legend and Folklore
Word Count: 195


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2 responses to “What in your life are you the most dissatisfied with, and why?

  1. I can relate to that..

    I am not a wytch, but i’ve always been someone to have my own likes and dislikes and just generally not going with the flow.
    I am not one to follow the masses, i do what i find fun or right for me, and many do not agree with that and they will disgard you like dirt under their feet.
    It can be anything, my first tattoo, someone who always talked with me and we had long great conversations, she just ingored me.
    A black friend, a grown uop but nice decent young man, gave me bass guitar lessons once, but he was black and lived alone so he was not to be trusted.
    My parents were warned, in a behind the back disgusting kind of way, and i was forbidden to do my lessons anymore.
    You recognise that?
    People who dare to be different are looked down upon, but maybe it is because they would love to be their own person and do not have the guts to and hate you for doing what they would love to do themselves, and in the mean time they run to follow fashions they look bad in and life lives they hate etc etc etc.
    I say we should all be loved for who we are, no mather how beautiful or ulgy we are, or how rich or poor, how main stream or “different” , that is my biggest dissatisfaction, to not be loved for who i am..i’d like people to get to know me before they look down on me, you know..
    People should learn to look past the “cover”.

  2. to be amoral

    ironically, finding impossibility improbable is kind of like realizing decision-making may be a matter of mathematics more-so than loyal adherence toward some religious, or patriotic imbued sense of “righteousness”, crap, I’m losing my aim here, perhaps

    It ain’t always a matter of right and wrong when such terms are matters of personal judgement or obviously ubiquitous interpretations (though often misinterpreted or ill-perceived) notions seeming to fit the definition… crap I’m still not being clear

    Whatever.. it’s a matter of logic, doing the most reasonable thing whenever action is required to make change or ensure continuity. Morality should include less suffering even if it means more labor, if it somehow doesn’t, fuck-it

    And even that sounds trite
    Bah, so maybe I’m amoral too, and every bit as evil

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