Wishes are merely phantoms, illusions of desires not made whole because there is no action behind the thought. I rarely, if ever merely ‘make a wish’. Whatever it is that I want or desire, I claim and make them my own. That is the very nature of being a Wytch or a pirate or even one who rules.

As for regrets; I have few of those. Everything I have done I have done because it was a means to an end. Perhaps the one great regret that I have is having left my daughter in the care of others for nearly her entire childhood. For that, I carry a fair amount of regret within, but had I not chosen the road of separation of she and I, most assuredly we would both be dead. Now we are learning about each other anew, and even though I missed out on the child that she was, I have come to love the woman that she is.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction
Word Count: 165


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8 responses to “Wishes

  1. Ah, regrets…aye, for the main part, tis of no mind to meself. But ye well know that, love.

    As for your own bonny daughter, she be well worth the knowing. An I be missing ye both, though ye a bit more than her for good enough cause. Thankee for the light in your window, for it well beckons me back and I remain…



  2. It is good that you get to know her again, your daughter. My own mother chose mortality, leaving this realm and me behind many moons ago.

    • I am so sorry that your mother did that to you, Atia. I’faith, I did not want to leave Maeve – but she and I both were being hounded, and it was easier for both of us if we parted. It is a crushing thing for a child to be separated from their mother, and the pain of separation, it may lessen over time but it never truly goes away.

      • Thank you and I suppose I should say she lived a full mortal life. I would not say that I did not get to know her. Maybe it’s just that she was my only link left to my youth. I’m fairly certain, my tribe or nation as it were, is long gone. Mostly, however, I just miss her.

      • Of course you miss her. She is your mother, afterall.

      • *smiles*

        I almost forgot to ask. Did you enjoy the rest of the Samhain party? I saw you and waved, at least I think it was you, but we never got a chance to introduce and chat.

        [mun cant remember if she dropped a thread or not *headdesk*]

      • Aye. I did very much enjoy the Samhain party. But I must admit that I got a little distracted myself. It would seem that there was a certain someone that showed up, and challenged me to a bit of a game in the Underground. So if I was rude and didn’t say much, I do apologize. He does seem to have that effect from time to time.

        *muttering* Damn crystal balls anyway!

        OOC: Not to worry! I would like to do some more interaction between Fanny and Atia however, if you are of a mind.

      • *chuckles* Crystal balls…always tempting one to look. That is all right, I was soon distracted by the most delightful were-being….wolf variety and quite the charmer.

        [ooc–would be delighted. Very distracted today, but will start thinking about situations *nods*]

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