Meme stolen from evankasparov

If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?


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  1. What a night we must have had…

  2. Hmmmm. Likely I would worry about the possibility of Jack Aubrey being disappointed in me, if he was to find out, anyway. Mind you, he would feel no guilt should he wake up next to you. I believe he holds me to a much higher standard than he does himself!

    • *Fanny gives a small smile*

      I am not sure whether I should be hurt by that or not. To be truthful, Dr. Maturin, I think I would much rather wake up next to you than I would next to Jack Aubrey. No offense. I prefer conversation and intellect anyway, believe it or not.

      I think my inclinations are such as it is because your standards and modes of conduct are a bit higher than those that Jack imposes upon himself. 😉

      • …I beg your pardon, madam. Though I ain’t anywhere near as damned eloquent as old Stephen, I can come out with a clever thing or two, over time.

        …And I can’t help my sanguine disposition.

      • And I beg yours, Captain. My meaning is lost I am afraid. I am less shall we say, physically inclined than someone of your – passions. I have been accused of being rather cold, when in fact, I am merely more contemplative.

        No offense was meant.

      • And none taken, in that case, my dear lady. It’s true my passions are quite overpowering, whereas dear Stephen is practically a monk. Ha, ha!

    • Oh, haha! Surely you don’t think I would deprive you of the company of such a pleasing lady? Of course not, though you do paint the picture of chastity. I always thought it was just a papist practice. No, my dear, you have the right to wake up next to anyone you like, for all love.

  3. what would be your first thought?

    “well, it’s about time things picked-up around here”

  4. How? And where’s Jack?



  5. I’d think, “My, my. This is going to be interesting.”

  6. How ever did she manage to leave teethmarks there?

    • Fanny gives a nefarious smile.

      You would be surprised, Captain. In fact I am certain that could recount some very interesting stories on just when and where I’ve left various marks on his person. 😉

      • I would be interested in speaking with any gentleman whom you found worthy of such branding.

      • *smiles* I am sure you will, in due time.

        Do you consider yourself worthy of such branding, Sir? I am sure that can be arranged. 😉

      • I feel myself most worthy indeed, dear lady. However, I should warn you that I tend to brand in turn.

      • Do you? Perhaps we should take a different tack. Let’s see how much pleasure or pain can be derived without leaving a mark. He or she who screams last wins.

        Are you game?

      • Perhaps. *cool smile* Though I am a little surprised at your proposition, as I had heard it bandied about that you were not particularly drawn to men of my … pretentiousness, was it?

      • Where did you hear such a black rumour, Captain? I love men of a certain arrogance and taste. It makes it so much sweeter when their facade cracks and falls to the floor. 😉

        It makes feasting on their pain that much sweeter. 😉

      • I’d say you might be surprised at how well a determined villain can bribe certain fairies into being his eyes and ears; but somehow I doubt you would be the least bit taken aback.

        I should mind my own facade if I were you. My hook has a way of shattering such masks. Unless, of course, you like to sup on your own pain as well as that of others.

      • You’re right. I wouldn’t be taken aback, especially since being Fae, their loyalties to you would not stand. Blood is thicker than water as they say.

        Fanny gives the Captain a slight smile My facade is none to worry, and a little pain mixed with pleasure never hurt anyone. Some of we Fae rather think that’s the way it should be.

  7. I would wonder by what magic you had managed to be here, ya Anessa, and if the Creature were going to be showing up next.

  8. The Song Remains the Same

    I would first check to see if you were still alive. Seeing you were, I’d know we had spent a night which might be the beginning of a continuing good meeting of the… minds and bodies, as it were, should the lady wish it.

    On another note, I wish to thank you for an introduction to a very interesting world, some distance beyond these walls. I believe it was something I heard you say which brought me into the other world.

    • Re: The Song Remains the Same

      Fanny gives Javier a smile Aye. The lady might very well wish it if you had spared her life the night before.

      On another note, I wish to thank you for an introduction to a very interesting world, some distance beyond these walls. I believe it was something I heard you say which brought me into the other world.

      You have me intrigued, Sir. What could I have said to you that would have done such a wondrous and pleasurable feat as that?

      • Historia

        As you know or have imagined, I have been around most of the world, as well as through the eons. While the world has changed and maybe for the better, though one has to wonder if it has, the ways have changed even more, so given the chance to return in time to the days when I was younger, even incarnate as a human is quite the gift, which you, Lady Fae, have afforded me. Historia should be a clue. If for some chance you are not the same FannyFae, I will still remember the night we did spend together, for as you can see, you live another day and are far to wonderful a companion to make a simple meal of.

      • Re: Historia

        Fanny gives a slight smile.

        Ah, Yes. I am one in the same Fanny Fae that you knew then. If any gift that I gave to you is remembered fondly, then I consider myself rewarded. If perchance the gift would continue to be shared, then I shall consider myself rewarded yet again.

        Given our earlier positive associations, perhaps it would be best to get to know you in this incarnation. Would that be…acceptable?

      • Re: Historia

        Yes, Fair Lady, the gift is happily used and remembered fondly. It would be the kind that I would undoubtedly share with others who are of like mind.

        It is quite acceptable to me for us to get to know more about each other, as you say, in this incarnation.


  9. That this old Puritan’s heart might break afterall! 😉

    • You? A Puritan? Certainly that is noting more than a vicious rumour started by those loyal to Rome!

      I have it on rather good authority that nothing could be further from the truth!

      • *smiles* It does not bode well, Madam, that you have found me out. I guard my reputation jealously, for I have worked a good many years to construct it.

        I may have to pull you in a bit closer just to ensure that you do not give me away. 😉

      • My…Lord Walsingham!

        What a pleasure it is to see you along these shores!
        I admire a man who does what needs to be done, and you sir are like that, i know.
        Big pleasure meeting you sir.
        I’m Charity, Sweet Charity among the customers at the Faithful Bride tavern where i work.
        I know it’s probably below your standards sir but if ye can do come by sometimes and i’ll make you a nice grog!
        I’ll be telling my alter ego Barbossas1Pearl about you sir, she’s a big admirer of you.

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