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Describe what your “happily ever after” would be like

I don’t know that I believe too much in some idealized happily ever after. It lays within the responsibility of the individual to take life and make their own ‘happily ever after’. It’s the nature of humans to never be satisfied with even the most comfortable and abundant of lifestyles. You can give a man or woman everything, and yet they still always want more.

Happily ever after shouldn’t be some sort of anaesthetized complacency with everyone and everything in your life. It’s a disservice we do to children when we tell them faerie tales and close the telling with the phrase, “and they lived happily ever after”. People forget that those tales were crafted to teach children (and often times adults, too) The real stories, real Faerie tales and folklore were and are far more brutal, more stark and realistic when referring to those realms I call my home. These were meant to equip a young person for life, rather than serve as a form of escapism for the minds of children.

Happy is truly to be satisfied that life is full of challenges and opportunities and those two things come in many forms. To quote a very good friend a valuable ally of mine;

“No one deserves to get a happy ending handed to them on a silver platter, and those who think they do need the harshest form of reality lesson.”

I could not agree more.

My happily ever after is to have the freedom to make my life whatever I Will it to be, and I already have that ability to make it such. If not me, whom? If not now, when?

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original character / fiction
Word Count:281

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A lifetime of travels

What’s the furthest away you’ve ever been from the place you were born? How did you get there? Why did you go? Did you return or even want to come back to where you came from?

The furthest place from where I was born is where I am now. I was born a small island that is considered a part of Scotland. We call it the Fortunate Isle. I now live on another island; the Island of Jamaica in a small place that overlooks the town of Port Royal on a sheer embankment just to the West of Fort Charles. My cottage is small, but it is mine.

How I got there was I was trying to escape my past and carve out a future. I made passage on a ship to the New World. There is little for a Priestess and Wytch to do but to try her own hand at making her own way.

And so it came to pass…

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What would a description of your exact opposite be like?

My exact opposite? Well, ’tis very hard to imagine, but I suppose I can.

She would be bored because she most likely would be very boring.

She would never question authority, never dare to look a King in the eye and dare to ask him questions that others are too afraid to consider.

She would know nothing of magick but instead bow her head before the Holy Mother Church and its priests and accept their judgement upon her life and value as a human being to be merely summed up by virtue of her sex. She would be rendered guilty by their version of the “original sin”. Self appreciation and knowing who she is would ne’er even enter into her mind.

She would be afraid of the uncertain, cower in the face of the unfamiliar, and do exactly as she is told. She would seek the solace of one man to take care of her and know very little if anything about how to take care of herself. She would be lame in the face of adversity and her chances of survival would be contingent upon what the people, surroundings and situations around her doled out. She would place too much trust in friends and not have the slightest inkling on how to use her enemies. She would be completely predictable and be completely unable to destroy an adversary even if the situation were to call for it.

She would not deign to consort with pirates or goblins, nor the dark Unseelie Fae, nor anyone at all slightly dangerous. For these are clearly nowhere near resembling what she herself is and so they have no value to her. She is afraid of the dark for she knows it not and sees no value in it. She would be light haired and frail, and she most definitely would neither a Wytch nor have a single drop of Scot’s or Fae blood in her veins.

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The Year in Review

Reflect on the past year in your life. Did you have children? Did you find ‘God’, forsake God? Did you marry? Break up? What was this past year like in your life?

You really do like getting into other people’s business don’t you?

Did you have children?

No, I found one that I had all but lost, however. But I do not suppose that counts.

Did you find ‘God’,

I wasn’t aware that God or Goddess was lost. That is a very odd question to be asking a Wytch!

Forsake God?

No, not really. And I am fairly certain that I wasn’t forsaken either. I give as good as I get, a’course.

Did you marry?

Don’t be absurd. I am not the kind of woman who wants to be married and chained to anyone!

Break up?

Absurdity seems to be thy middle name, Mate. What do you mean ‘break up’? Like a ship on the rocks? Not a chance, I’m not that fragile. However. If you mean relationships, I really have not entered into any such exclusive alliances that could be termed something that is capable of being “broken up”.

What was this past year like in your life?

Fanny gives a cryptic smile.

It t’was an adventure – as always. I met up with old paramours and new playmates that challenge me. I have gone off with Letters of Marque with another very good friend to raid French ships off the coast of San Domingue and Jamaica. It’s been quite the explosive year, truly.


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