Lead or Follow

Would you rather lead or follow? Why? What role do you see yourself playing out over your life, leader or follower?

I am a Wytch and am the only one responsible for myself, therefore I lead. I lead even when I might give the appearance of being a follower. Being a leader takes responsibility, and when you are leading yourself, if something goes wrong, i’faith, there is absolutely no one to blame but yourself. And with that comes the knowledge that you have no one to apologize to but yourself. Should anything go wrong, then anyone that chose to follow you, is also in themselves, responsible, because it was after all their choice.

It would take someone quite extraordinary and someone I could trust implicitly to cause me to relinquish control completely. So far, I should tell you, that has never been. I sincerely doubt there will ever be anyone whom I will trust more than I trust my Self.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction & Various Folkloric Tales
Word Count: 139
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