What is your weapon of choice?

I’faith the Wytch has many would-be weapons at her disposal. Magic, being chief amng them. If she be a maid and a beauty, this can a’course be used as a weapon. A crone oft uses deciet and ruthlessness and mankind’s assumption that her age is equal to weakness. This to has its uses. I have at the odd time or another used all of these things as well as cunning. I would have to say that of all these things, I would use my own wits as my weapon of choice.

Power is held in the hands of those who l know how and when to wield each of these things, ne’er relying so much on one thing or the other. Each one in turn is an advantage in its time. If used too often, each would become predictable and turn to a detriment and a means by which to be exploited.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction
Word Count: 152

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