What would your dream occupation be?

I do find your question rather a puzzlement. I’faith, I have ne’er been anything other than what I am, a woman, a Wytch, sometimes a pyrate, as the need arises. Perhaps people spend far too much time wishing for things that they cannot have, or worse do not know what it is that they really want after all.

I am free. I am here in my cottage in the tropical forests on Jamaica island. I spend my time doing exactly what it is that I want to do, and I have ne’er wanted anything other than to be in these beautiful forests, or lying naked on the beach in the moonlight when’ere it suits me. What Queen of which Realm anywhere, or rich man either, could claim herself to be free in such a similar fashion? None that I know of.

Being a Wytch I have all that need, and if by some chance I donna have all that I desire, I most assuredly know how to get it.

Muse:Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction
Word Count: 169


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2 responses to “What would your dream occupation be?

  1. That’s a cakewalk. Journalist charged with describing the life and challenges concerning disabled persons living in the uh.. civilized societies. I think that would be the one job that would enable me to not only live with myself, but sleep as well. Yeah, I know.. there are means available to achieve such position in life. I could sell things to people after convincing them life would immediately improve because of the money well spent on whatever product or service I offered, without regret. Then, after id amassed enough capital to organize what would determine sure-fire success, security and continued prosperity, I could keep several such businesses up and running to support my lifestyle should my career as social journalist fail. You know, kinda people collecting on stock from corporations that sell poison and danger for a profit have been doing for years.

    I suppose it’s possible to locate an existing company that I could trust and submit performances to, but then, it’s a longshot. Each time I’ve attempted such feat, I’ve met only with such dismay that I eventually lost all interest in writing. Years later.. I discovered the Internet was the one friendly place in the universe where I might be able to enjoy my myself for what I love doing more than any other job I’ve held. No money in it, but the gratification is enough to help me manage enough sleep to get-by without dreaming myself comatose.

  2. Your life does sound ever so nice…and will especially when we are in the midst of a Minnesota winter. Tropical beaches…mmm…

    Know what you mean…being free is the best occupation, no matter what you end up doing with it.

    Years ago, my dream occupation was being a buyer for the House on the Rocks, this place in Wisconsin where they have collections of odd things and strange panaramas. I wanted to go around the world and find stuff for their collections, like old carousel horses and…well, anything. It just sounded like a fun job–to travel all over the world and go to antique stores and auctions and whathaveyou.

    Didn’t happen, but I think I like that idea…to go and see new places and people and look at and find strange things.

    Talk to you later,


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