Cleaved a’Twain to Be Found Again

This is my storye of how Captain Douglas Francis O”Reily, otherwise known as “Dawg” Brown, and I came to meet. It is a long and much involved tale, but have patience and I shall tell it all…..

I’faith I swear there is no worse death than burning and t’was the Inquisitor’s decree that I shoulde be burned at the stake in Tortuga. Father Francisco Alvarez, the leader of the faith on the Island was in fact gleeful that he shoulde have a Wytch to make an example of. I think that it was the fact that I may have stirred the sluggish bloode of the man beneath the frock that the decision had been made so imparative to him. Upon my incarceration, his wordes were a touch to tender, his insistance on private confession with him was too persistant, and he touched my hand too long. Upon my rebuke of him and his wayes, I became the original Temptress of Sin in his eyes, and for that transgression I shoulde pay. What happened in that dank, filthy cell that was worse than any hell that any man could imagine – and mankind, as a rule, has the deepest imagination to conjuring the most hellish trials, moreso than any creature on the Goddess’ Earth!

And so the cart took me to the centre of towne to be put upon the pyre made of brush and logs. ” Do you repent of your wicked and lascivious scheme to pervert all who around you with the aid of the Prince of Darkness?”Alvarez said, his eyes black and glittering.

I swore that I had nothing to confess and that my soul was not nearly as wicked nor my sins any greater than their owne! With cold eyes and a vengeful heart, the pyre was lit by his owne hand. Woulde that I had some belladonna to ease my way, I thought to myself. As the flames leapt higher I let my mind go as much as I could. The pain was excruciating, but I was determined not to have the gathered crowdes see me scream in pain and writhe to give them the show that they wanted while I dyed before them! Damn ye all! You have no idea how each one of you, even here in Tortuga, are slaves! n Ye are slaves to yer own feares and to the machinations of Monarchs and Papal edicts born of hate and superstiton! And ye have the temerity to curse and ridicule the Wytch! Damn the lot of you infernal daemons walking around in the sheep’s clothing of human flesh! Nay, you are all sheep! I leave for the Summerland to rest while the rest of you will remain to writhe in your owne misery! To Hell with the lot of you; you who are hanging on to false promises of hope after death while your day to day lives are naught but misery!

And then I saw him! Dear Goddess of Mercy and all Love, he came!!

As the flames were edging ever closer to me, the wood about my legs catching fyre, out of nowhere came a man on a dark steed – with na’er little effort he did scoope me up, a brand falling ‘cross my foote in the escape, and I cried out, more out of surprise than paine. Across the saddle near to him, I coulde feel his grip tight around me as we galloped through the streets and out toward the beach. The soldiers of the papists gave chayse is strong I glanced up as we made our escape and my heart thought that it would burst for seeing him! The man that I had dreamt about for years e’er since I was a lass of thirteen! He was more handsome in the flesh than e’er I coulde have imagined – and yet here, nowe he was real, flesh and bloode!

‘afore I knew it we left behinde the mount that we had road, his neck and chest, frothed with foam from our escape. I was carried and placed into a jolli boat and He rowed us out toward a large vessel. I was scarcely aware, it is even nowe a blur to me. As we reached the ship knowne as the Reaper, He cried out to the men aboarde.

” Throw down a bosuns chair ye poxed whoresons! ” he bellowed to his crewmen. His orders were headed in an instant and the chair was throwne down. With frantic, yet ginger and almost reverent hands, he secured me into the bosun’s chair. Through the haze that was starting to clear for the spray and being away from the madness of the crowde, my eyes caught his. ‘Twas concern that knit his brow, that and something else. I knowe you! I thought, too long have we waited! At last the day had come!

” Hoist her up laddies and be careful with it! This be precious cargo!” he cried to the men above. Immediately I felt myself being lifted as tenderly as he could have commanded them to be. Precious cargo indeed I was made to feel that I was!

He, Himself grabbed up a running bow line. Hand over hand he scaled the hull of The Reaper until he was standing on the deck amongst his crew which milled about, murmuring, taken aback. He looked over to me with a reassuring smile and gentle voice, ” Donna worry, lass, “he said, ” No harm will come to ye here. Ye have me bond on that, you do.” he turned to a member of his crew, ” Mr. Snelgrave, ” he said while unfastening me from the bosun’s chair,. ” I’ll be down in me cabin. Have cook send down some food and drink.”

I found the strength to stand at last, and placing a warm hand in the small of my back, my foot in pain as he led me down the ladder to what must’ve been his cabin and sat me ‘pon a chair within that room. He rummaged around the shelves, collecting this and that, linen bandages and salves. I prayed that he had one of comfrey or plantain to help with the burn. He knelt down on the floor before me cleaning the wound with gentle hands and loving touch. He was silent as he worked. Unable to stand the silence ‘tween us any longer, I finally found my voice.

” Who are you? ” I asked, my heart near to bursting with long-held curiosity, “Why did you help me, s—-..”

“…Dawg,” he said, simply, as if he had heard my thoughts,. ” Captain Dawg Brown. And this is me ship, The Reaper.

I reached down to his face, my fingertips caressing his jaw and lifted his chin so that I could see his eyes. And Goddess, what eyes he had!

” No…. not Dawg” I said shaking my head, ”Douglas…… your name is Douglas… ”

His hands froze as he was tying off the bandage on my foot, ” Who are you? ” he whispered.

“I am Fanny Jones, and you still dinna tell me ‘why’“.

“How do ye know my name?” he asked.

“I just knew. Why did you save me?”

“No woman, Wytch or no, deserves to die by fire at the stake,” he rose from his kneeling, and straightened himself to stand over me, “And ye resembled someone that I knew, ” he continued, ” I now see that ye are not the same person. Ye can rest here, Miss Jones.” his voice was colder now, as if he had in a single moment been betrayed… if he had expected me to say the name of another.

“I see,” I murmured, “I thank you for your kindness, Captain Brown, ” I said more formally now, for I too felt I had been betrayed. He did not respond to me again, but left me alone. A cabin boy later came with food and drink and bade me to rest in the bunk. It was the afternoon, but I found myself lolled by the sound of the crew above and the undulation of the waves that I fell into deep sleep. It was not until morn when Douglas returned to his cabin that I came up from the land of sleep again. I awoke to see him pull his shirt from his body to put on another. I was na’er even half awake, when my eye caught the amulet that hung round his neck resting on his chest right where his heart was! With recognition, I jumped from the bunk and dashed toward him. I’faith, I think Douglas must have thought I was a madwoman coming ‘cross the cabin to him in such a state, my hair disheveled, my foot, still sore from the burn. Yet it did not slowe me as I came toward him, setting upon his chest to examine the medallion up close. I clasped my fingers around it causing him to reel backward on his heels.

“What are ye on about, woman! ” he nearly bellowed at me.

“You knowe me and I knowe you! I see it in your eyes” I spat accusingly, “and this medallion proves it!”

“It proves nothing, sorceress! That…” he grabbed it back from my hands possessively, “belonged to the woman that I loved who was taken ‘afore her time! Margauarite was to be me wife! I held her lifeless body in me own arms! And ye know nothing about it!” he said, wounded from my obvious impertinence.

“Aye, I loved ‘er too, ” I said gently- touching his arm, “nay e’en afore you ever did. For it was when we were both babes in arms that she was taken from us, ne’er to be seen again!” I retrieved my own medallion, the mirror image to his. The gold glittered dully in the dim light of the cabin. Holding it up to his, it was obvious they had once been one, yet cleaved a’twain years ago.

Dumbfounded, Douglas stared at me, as if viewing me as worse than before, “It canna be, ” he whispered.

Douglas bolted from the cabin and went topside. No doubt my revelation was a shock to him. I’faith, I cannot say that I blame him. I knew about Marguarite, and had gained that knowledge through whate’er abilities I had been born with, but then again, are we not all born with an inner knowing? I knew the wounds from Marguarite’s death were raw, never healed, scabbed over only enough to allow him to function in his life, but when faced with the twin countenance of my sister, the woman he had loved and seen murdered, how else could he have reacted?

I emerged from the cabin and found my way back up topside, to find him standing at the taffrail. His face was a conflict of emotion, and he visibly fought to control his breathing. So much paine in him! He must have heard my soft footfalls upon the deck behind him, for he spun around and gave me a hard stare, snarling like a cornered jungle cat.

” Back down below with ye woman! ” Douglas growled. I hesitated not, but came forward still, just as I would when dealing with a animal who was either spooked and in pain. For indeed, he was in fact both spooked and in pain.

” Back I say! That’s an order! ” his voice was e’en harder still, for I knew that he sought to intimidate me by feare. By the Goddess, I would not feare this man! Not after years of seeing his face in my dreams and in visions and knowing what it was that lie beneath. I’faith, men that are naught but to fear are not men who pull witches from a burning pyre and spirit them aboard their ships at risk of life and limb!

Still I drew nearer, so close I could feel his pain and conflicted self within his agitation, ” Gawd damn it woman!” he bellowed at me, ” Yer a guest on my ship! Now heave to and get yer arse down below or ye’ll find yerself shark fodder!!!”

I was not afraid of his threats, nor that he would ever follow through on anything other than the best of intentions. Even if he bolted, ne’er would he be able to stay away for long. Nor i’faith, could I. He had been a constant, though we had never met. At last I was close enough to touch him. Gingerly I reached up and lay my hand against his neck, letting my fingers trail . I felt his mood change, and instantly Douglas’ anger disappeared. Like a man starving, he brushed his lips against mine, lingering, savoring and tasting. He broke off the kiss just long enough to look at me, to reassure himself it was real, perhaps. With a growling moan he pulled me closer covering my mouth with his.

He lifted his head, ” Fanny….Fanny….” He whispered with desperation against my neck, ” Fanny Fae, me wild and loverly sorceress… I do believe you have bewitched me…”

“Nay, ” answered I, “I have not bewitched you, Douglas. t’Was meant to be, and we both know it.”

Douglas did not argue with me but a slow smile cracked over his features. Wordlessly we went back to his cabin. Our eyes never left each other, as he pulled at the stays of my bodice, my own hands pulling at his shirt, I could scarcely undo the laces for trembling so much. In one shining moment, every dream, every vision I e’er had of him, of Douglas, came to this moment, this point in tyme! He must have sensed my heated anticipation, for as my bodice fell open, exposing my breasts to his gaze and his touch. He reached out and with the lightest of touches, over the erect tips of my nipples. With a shuddering sigh I fell against him, completely intoxicated with his very essence! His mouth claimed mine again, tongues and breaths meeting and mingling. I could not stop myself, did not want to stop.

With the most gentle touch that belied his large fingers, he produced the most profound reaction in me. Gooseflesh rose to meet his hand, and my own innards puckered and twisted. Douglas’ mouth and hands passed over my neck and chest. . His mouth found a swollen nipple and he took it in his lips, grazing the areola with his teeth. Warm kisses moved over my hip then my belly. With an impatient growl, he tore my skirt from behind, letting the tattered pieces fall to the floor around my feet, leaving my cunny completely exposed to his gaze, his touch. My fingers buried in his thick dark hair as he knelt before me, trailing his fingers through the dark curls between my thighs. A surprised gasp escaped my lips and i’faith I thought I would scream and the crew would hear me! I felt my knees give way, but before I lost my balance, Douglas wrapped his strong arms around me scooping me up so that I was forced to wrap my legs round him as he carried me pushing us both into a wall. His hard body pressed into mine.

There is no respite from his lips and teeth that tore into me, but my own hunger matched his. I pull anxiously at his belt, my fingers deftly undoing the buckle. I am surprised that he does not resist, a pirate should always resist when his belt is touched, but he doesn’t. I make short work of the belt and it falls to the floor heavily. Impatience within me unabated, I pull at Douglas’ breeches, his hands, kneading my buttocks as he ran hot kisses down the curve of my neck. Losing all patience, I pulled hard at the material, sending the buttons flying in all directions, leaving the barrier between he and me to be easily pushed away. Douglas’ dark eyes, bored into mine, and I let my fingers search out his cock. He is so much larger than e’er I had imagined, I can barely manage to keep back a gasp of surprise. I am helpless, all the dreams, and the visions come hurtling back. Here was the man! This is the one I had dreamed of for so long, now flesh and blood and real! We were lost on a feeding frenzy of each other’s flesh and breath and touch, knocking things about the cabin helter skelter. Charts and books, all manner of items about the cabin were sent crashing to the floor till at last Douglas lay me down upon the chart table.

As he stood over me, my body open to him and he looked at me I felt a pulling ache from my very centre. “Please Douglas…Haven’t we both gone through enough?”I pulled his hand to my mouth and suckled each of his fingertips in turn. He closed his eyes and a slight smile passed over his lips.

“Aye, Fanny Fae, that we have.” he said.. Warmly he caressed my thighs open, and I looked at him! Goddess so magnificent! I could not resist reaching out to touch his erect manhood. My fingertips caressing the tip and the sensitive underside. I could tell that the touch of my hand brought him pleasure, for he closed his eyes and became even harder in my hands. All at once I was filled with overwhelming need to have him, to feel him, and at the same time I want to run from the room! As if sensing my need to fly he took me by the wrists and held me down on the table. His body covering mine, I could feel his manhood pressing against the sensitive bud and nether lips between my thighs. I cannot stop my own body which arches and undulates beneath is, beckoning pleading and yet I want to run. Dear Goddess! But I also wanted to tell him how many nights I had lain awake as a young girl, fantasizing, bringing myself to pleasure on the thought of him. But somehow he knew. In a single moment he knew.

With fingers, lips and tongue he paved the way, I winced as I felt the head of his cock pressing against my nether lips. He gave me no time to hesitate or pull back, as he moved above me. With a sharp gasp he entered me, I cried out, my body arching against him, pleasure and pain crashing into me like a tidal wave. Insticntively, I wrapped my thighs around him as we moved together, tearing into each other like wild beasts, matching each others as we climbed together.

I pitched and writhed against him, and I couldna keep my hands still for love of anything! I took in handfuls of his back, his buttocks as he pushed hard into me again and again. Bending over me on the table he kissed me with a fierceness that I matched. I sucked his tongue hard into my mouth feeling his teeth chewing my lower lip as we his cock cleving me, I could swear, in twain. A deep pool of heat rose from my belly and thighs, causing me to let out a cry against his lips. “Yes! Douglas!” I cried, all manner of magical words buffeted through my brain. I could not see anything – only him.

He smiled as he watched my face, the ground of my release rushing up to meet me, shattering me into a billion pieces I could feel myself shuddering around him even as he moved hungrily, harder now than he had before, thrusting until his full length was inside of me, I thought I would go mad with it, each stroke both agony and ecstasy, my fingers and teeth tearing into his flesh, as if I had become myself as a great she-wolf in a feeding frenzy. With a hard arch of my back I rose up to meet him pressing my body into his, both of us contorted tightly together when at last I felt his own release give way, leaving us both gasping on the chart table.

Douglas lay heavily against me, my fingers lightly trailing through his hair as we clung to each other, basking in the moment. He rose up on one elbow and kissed me gently, eyes filled with adoration, peace and contentment. I looked up at him and smiled. No words needed to be spoken.

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  1. ::::melts out of chair onto the floor:::::

    A reason to live.

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