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Kemet Is Cool

In my travels from just fresh from bed, here to my PC, I was thinking that the prevailing theme here on Tumblr, my page on Facebook and my blog is all about Kemet. All in all, it doesn’t really matter what anyone’s individual opinion on Kemet, its art, religion, culture and history truly are. What matters to the most people is why we are drawn to it. There is a simple, yet sophisitcated beauty that is timeless that speaks to the deepest part of our psyche.

So, that focus is going to be reflected here, on my blg at fannyfae.com and on my Facebook page (as usual). It seems to be what people most resonate to, and it gives me a chance to show others with the same love of Kemet or Ancient Egypt things they may not have heard of, aritists they may not be aware of that do fantastic work.

I look at this as my effort to get away from the infighting and the petty squabbles that seem to plague so many groups. I don’t care if the resource is Kemetic Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Afrocentrist,mainstream Egyptology or what have you. One truth remains: We each love the Two Lands for our own reasons, and no one else can dictate those reasons to us except by the callings of the deepest place in our kas. This project is specifically about that and no other agenda.

Ankh, udja seneb! (Life, prosperity and health!)

Fanny Fae (aka NiankhSekhmet)

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Obedience Under Duress

Tonight, make a decision and make it fast. No hesitation or indecision allowed!
What’s the situation requiring Instant Action(tm)? What decision do you make? Who else is affected?

“You will provide a written testament of the current status of your project,” he said, waving a writing pad before her.

“And you will take an oath to make regular reports to me on the work done by Herr Chaubert and others of your order working on similar goals. And if you do, you shall be released. I will put you back in your cell to think on this. And I will leave you pencil and paper. Just in case.”

Francoise McKay regarded the masked man looming in front of her. She caught the eyes behind the masque and wondered why he deemed it appropriate to wear one. She could perceive no obvious deformity from this vantage point. Perhaps it was not, she thought, because of vanity. She only stared at him numbly. Captain Mors was obviously running out of patience. What was so pressing, she wondered?

“You have only a short time, Frau McKay,” Captain Mors offered as he placed the pad and pencil before her. “I would not take too much time to decide or to write out what I have asked you for.” Elegantly he then turned toward the door and did not utter another word, nor did he look back at her. Continue reading

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Do you really want to live forever?

Do I have a choice?

But then ‘forever’ for humans it is far different from the Sidhe definition of the same word. I am already centuries old, how many humans can have achieved that? And we do not ‘die’ in the same way that humans might. From my vantage point I have seen the roll of history, the many changes and upheavals. Each generation so-very-certain that the one within which they exist will be the last.

Each one has been wrong.

This time I wonder, however. Never have I seen such destruction for no reason other than the incessant dissatisfaction that only greed can bring. Nature is always been regenerative, even in the face of war, famine and pestilence. Most everyone is walking around poisoned and a disease unto themselves and only we who are one form of Immortal or another can truly see the difference between what it once was, and what it is now. The air is a miasma of smoke and filth, even in places that are called ‘pristine’. The water has less and less life within it so that it no longer nourishes or adeqately sustains. The soil labors constantly with no true rest.It is a wonder to me that anything grows at all anymore.

Do I want to live forever?

What I want is not relevant. The issue is whether or not I will. Fortunately or unfortunately, however, what I am has already decided the answer to that.

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Munday – Villains

1. What makes a good villain, in your opinion?
There is no 100% bad villain, just as there are no 100% good heroes. Either one would be boring as hell and there can be no suspension of disbelief in either case. I like a villain that you can find glimpses of that person’s past – why they are the way that they are. When that happens, the reader can almost empathise with that character. It doesn’t have to be emo, or overt. Some of the most powerful things can be articulated with a mere glance, a gesture, or just the smallest of nuances. Those kinds of things add to their complexity and makes the villain far more compelling.

2. Do you tend to write more for villains or heroes? I tend to write characters with more villainous qualities than not. In the character’s mind, they know exactly what they are doing and why and as Faelyn is fond of saying, and the icon indicates, All is fair in the pursuit of power. Faelyn spent her life living by that creed because of who and what she is. Other characters, such as sheldonsandscia is a sociopathic little bastard. He does what he does and feels not the slightest bit of remorse, except in the very odd instance and with very few people. nomanselizabth does what she does because she is a queen, and as a monarch, unpleasant tasks that guarantee one’s survival have to be undertaken. I don’t know that any of them really sit around and dream up new and interesting ways to be villainous, however.

3. Who wins more often in your stories, the good guy or the bad guy? It’s a toss up. Sometimes one side wins over the other, but everyone is a villain or a hero, depending on your point of view. My stories tend to be about survival and the character going for what he or she wants. Formulaic who wins and who loses scenario rarely enter into the picture.

4. Have you ever written a redeemable / reformed villain? A good guy turned bad? Yes. I wrote a muse from child to adult who was just sweet and cute and she slowly changed into something else that in no way resembled her former self. That was hard, because I really rather liked the inquisitive little girl that was there before she lost her innocence.

5. Are there any themes among your bad guys – do you tend to write zombie stories, fantasy villains, etc?
Again, it is about the redeeming qualities of each villain that my muses interact with. captainbarbossa, early on, in spite of his dangerous exterior and arrogance has things about him that provide those small moments of creamy delicious story flavour! is a muse where you clearly do have a bit of sympathy for the Devil! There are lots of wonderful villain muses that my muses will itneract with. such as the Giovanni’s from the World of Darkness fandom. It is a natural for Faelyn / Fanny since she is half Unseeliewhich means,
“Unblessed” She even went as far to marry the “bad guy from the Three Musketeers fandom, The Comte de Rochefort as played by all_forme because they understood each other as more “heroic” muses wouldn’t have.

6. Are some of your antagonists non-villains, just at cross purposes from the hero?

I have NPC’s for that purpose and most of them are just ignorant and foolishly try to stand between my muses and their stated goals. Of course each side has varying degrees of success, neither side can win all of the time. Besides, conflict is what drives a story.

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Wednesday – Picture that Causes You To Cry

The Unseelie are not easily moved to tears.


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Munday Survey Says….

Attitude in relation to authority figures

Faelyn being High Lady and Queen of the Fortunate Island thinks of herself as an authority figure. As long as she agrees that that person or institution has equal or greater “authority” than herself things are fine. She is, though, a diplomat and can play the subordinate and the suplicant if it is to her calculated advantage to do so. She hotly resents the Christian Church, particularly the Catholic Faith, but she sees many protestants as being far worse in their subjugation and exploitation of women. She won’t be overt in her undermining those authorities, but she does work covertly in achieving her objectives.
Continue reading

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Protected: 12.14.09 – Munday – You Had Me At Hello

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Munday – Backstory

Think about your character’s backstory and answer as many of the following questions as you like:

1) How much of the character’s backstory did you know when you started to play them?

I had a basic framework in which to work where Fanny was based off of one of my ancestors that my Grandmother had researched. She just sort of stuck in my head as being interesting and was pretty vocal. There was just the idea that she was Scottish, she was a village healer and that was it. Like most people of Celtic descent, she claims that there are Faery folk in her lineage. Continue reading

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Munday – Regarding God/dess

How does your character feel about God? Or religion in general. And lest this sound too Judeo-Christian specific, it can refer to any and all deities or spiritual forces in your character’s world, be they Hindu, Native American, part of the Greek pantheon, or something unique to your character’s setting.

However you define it, gods or goddesses, tell us how your character feels about the whole thing. Are they a believer in any sort of deity? How do they feel about that deity? How about the church/organized religion if it exists in their world? Or perhaps they’re a hard-line atheist. What do they think of people who do believe in God/s?

Fanny / Faelyn is the High Lady of the Ninefold Sisterhood of Affwyn or the Fortunate Island, also known as the Isle of Apples or Avalon. They are both human and Fae, that were created before the split between Humans and Sidhe. They honour the Great Goddess who is Danu, or Dana, hence they are a part of or believe themselves directly descended and connected to the Tuatha Dé Danann. This established territory was throughout the Celts / Gael / Gaul lands. There was a time when the Gods of the Ancient World walked alongside mankind, and that all forms of Immortals such as the Fae of all types, Angels, Fallen Angels such as Grigorii, Nephilim, etc. all this is connected.

As for believing in Gods (plural), of course she does. She also quite adamantly believes that she is in fact descended from them – but then so are many others. As far as almight_g_d, well she thinks He is an arrogant git and has no right to call Himself the One True anything. She gives him a what-for on a regular basis as to His punishment of the Fallen Ones – and the reduced status of the Sidhe as being somehow erroneously behind or beneath that of Humans. That she gives Him migraines for her efforts is a source of great amusement for her – and also for some of those whom she is friendly with among the fallen ones, such as 1st_of_the200, Azazeal. She also is secretly hoping that a_giovanni achieves his ultimate goal of Godhead just so he can also give the ‘Almighty” even more headaches.

She has flown in the face of would-be limitations of life, death, rebirth, in whatever fashion she can, sometimes failing miserably in the attempt. That does not seem to stop her – her arrogance on that front knows no bounds. A prime example of this was her obsession with bringing her husband, the Comte de Rochefort (all_forme), back from the Realm of the Dead. After 400+ years of trying she finally succeeds. That did nothing to diffuse her Goddess-like arrogance, to be sure. Then there are the Laws of Power – of every kind of Power, to which she is an absolute devotee. That is not to say that she is obsessed with Power, she studies it, understands it and uses all Seven Realms of Existence to try and bend it to her Will. This sort of viewpoint can only come from beings that were close to Godhood themselves in the eyes of more primitive beings In short, while Faelyn may say she honours the Goddess or other Gods, she pretty much puts herself on equal footing with them in her own mind at the very least.

As far as organised religion, she feels nothing but contempt toward the blindness of both Catholic and Protestants to the exclusion of all else. Wars over religion are a matter of arrogance that started with God Himself. She has hidden behind the trappings and practices of Catholicism later in her life because it was easy to substitute Mary for Danu, the Saints for all the other Gods and Goddesses, various spirits, etc. especially when she was living in France with her husband in the 17th Century. Her magickal practices and sorcery she kept out of the light as much as possible, but not without incurring some suspicion, especially from someone like Cardinal Richelieu, who in spite of knowing what she probably was, let her take Holy Communion from him anyway. Richelieu was no Inquisitor, but he certainly did not make the thin line Faelyn walked at all easy. Cardinal Richelieu made it clear on numerous occasions that the only reason he stayed his hand was because she was the wife of the Captain of his guard. In spite of Cardinal Richelieu’s and Faelyn de Rochefort’s intense and very mutual dislike of one another, there was a still an underlying respect there – even if it was unspoken.

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Munday : Sharing Muses

To what extent are you willing to share the writing of your characters with others? Do you allow your peers to write your character into their stories, or do you get frustrated if they come to you with a suggestion involving your muse?

I have no problem sharing my Muse(s) with those whom I trust. That trust, however, has been built up over a period of time and those particular writers know me, know what my goals for my Muses are, and we have a mutual respect going on. Usually, it takes years to have built that up. My writing relationship with the scribe for all_forme, for example. If I have a bit of dialogue in mind, I will always run this by his scribe and vice versa. It has to be right. The same goes for any time I have written with or included civ_barbarian. I won’t lie. There are times when I have written something and the Muse or his scribe will want me to change it slightly. Example, Hsu never uses the word ‘worry’. He can have concern, but he is never worried. The same goes in reverse. 99% of the time, those writers with whom I have been writing for a good number of years know. Everyone in this circle of writers that we have created, either consciously or unconsciously, seems to have very good habits and will more often than not ask the other if ‘X ‘ or ‘ Y ‘ is ok. We each do this by emailing or IM-ing the other(s) first before posting any of the content. Assumptions can have disastrous consequences in terms of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or something as simple as just differing perspectives can derail a potential storyline or RP. So we all tend to talk it out first.

Conversely, if someone sockpuppets my Muse and does not run the dialogue or a situation that my Muse is in by me, I do tend to get a little terse about it. This is especially true since the majority of my Muses are OC’s. After having been burned in the past, I am absolutely fierce about copyright issues. In my direct and personal experience, you have to be diligent about it, or believe me, you can get seriously burned. Once that particular demon has escaped, good luck bringing it back under control again! I don’t mind if people talk to me, and I know them – and I am pretty open to write with most, it is just that communication is a requisite.

With canon muses, I don’t think that you can justifiably raise any sort of fuss about such things. They don’t belong to us, no matter how much we might wish it so. But even those canon muses, I do like to check with their current scribes as well. Azazeal (1st_of_the200), is a canon muse that I think I have a fairly good understanding of. However, I ALWAYS run the dialogue and situation by his scribe because they have portrayed him in a very specific way. It is a matter of courtesy, really. You give what you expect as far as behaviour and treatment from others, and usually things tend to run much smoother that way.

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