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Quote Fun

“It’s never been confirmed that Elizabeth I was a virgin. It’s like the Virgin Mary – it’s about branding, a logo. To use a modern term, Elizabeth was actually a bit of a slut.” – Dane Helen Mirren

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Frater et Soror Alchemia: Rightful Places (Chapter 2)

“…and we must put aside the aside the conventional image of the alchemist as a threadbare, etiolated individual, filthy and stinking from sulphurous smoke and half-poisoned by mercury, and picture a well-dressed, articulate man surrounded by noble men and women in a vaulted chamber of a castle or palace, lecturing deferentially to people who most certainly well understood what he was talking about and who had examined his equipment to obviate any chances of fraud. Demonstrations by members of the Academie des Sciences in the presence of Louis XIV, or by Fellows of the Royal Society of London before Charles II, provide close parallels, the demonstrators being some of the foremost scientists of the day.” – P.G. Maxwell-Stewart, “The Chemical Choir: A History of Alchemy”

veryone judges by appearances, and yet they should not. London, for all its history and culture, is just barely more than a filthy industrial town. The scientists and heralds of new hope in the new age of technology have done nothing to usher in the New Aeon into the backstreet squalor that surrounds their hallowed, columned halls. We, the Magus, have kept close to our Highest Ideals and strove very toward them, and we struggle against the Masters that through their production, and technology and promise of work in their gilded age, offer thinly disguised collars of slavery to those who would but hand over both their minds and souls and settle for a pittance for the privilege to wait upon their lords and masters. Those industrial barrons fear that we can look at their brave new world and see the opposite of the dark moonlight that we do not fear to embrace. Continue reading

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Instead of NaNoWriMo

I am still in school, just past midterms for fall semseter and I seem to be doing ok. Now to get caught up on my French homework and get my various video and print projects done! Rae, one of my professors, says that I really must like to “haul ass” as she put it. Heh….well, I can’t really deny that! 😉 I just am trying to get my last year or so of credits finished and geared toward my final area of study at the University of Iowa. Unfortunately, however, due to some using state’s film credit program and abusing it, our governor halted it. More can be found HERE.

All that political mess aside, I just got a call this afternoon from Geoff, the EP for Waterline Entertainment. It seems that we have a couple of things in the offing.

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