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The Hindu Mouse on Christmas Eve

Twas the Night Before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring – well……except for the Hindu Mouse.


It was a puzzlement. Continue reading


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$10 for A Year LJ Promotion

For those of us who have Paid or Permanent subscriptions to Livejournal we have up to ten coupons for those on our friends lists to get an LJ paid subscription for the low price of $10. Between this account and that of nomanselizabth and faery_ring I have 30. Please let me know if you want a coupon and I will send it out right away.


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OOC: I am going to try

I have a little bit of a break and this year I would like to put out that I will do drabbles and fic req’s as my Xmas gifts to folks. So for those of you who know of some of my muses, please make your req’s and I will do my best to fulfill them with the muse of your choice.


Just give me a lyric, a situation, anything and I will take it from there fictionally.

Edit: Never use 2x magnification lenses when typing. It makes for fewer errors if you don’t! 😛


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4B.3 – 10 Things Someone Should Never Say To You

There have been a few things that it was probably better if the speaker had thought twice before saying them to me. Certainly it is not wise to take a Prince to task, and it is certainly ill-advised to do so with impugnity and no mind to who else might be present. Continue reading

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Protected: 12.14.09 – Munday – You Had Me At Hello

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OOC: The Scribe’s Thoughts On The Arts of Writing and Magic(k)

Note: I posted this as part of a larger discussion on Pan Historia and also with an author friend of mine on the subject the other night. (Yes, Veronica, my darling friend, I am sending you the bits that I promised. Your help is so greatly appreciated!) It is posted here for those who might want to add their two cents.

I make no secret about the fact that for my entire life, I have had an interest in the occult. The mystical and Magic(k)al are both points of fascination and realms of study that have held my interest for my entire life. Writing, too, has had an incredible hold on my life and within these two artforms I have found and I make my home. I don’t claim to be a Master of either Art, but rather only a lifetime student of both.

“In the beginning there was the Word.” Continue reading

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As of this moment I am really behind on a great many things in my life. I still owe the prompts for and will get them up ASAP.

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Thank You!

A special thanks goes to toldfairytales for the star shaped sugar cookie. It was very sweet of you and could not have come at a better time. Thank you. *hugs* The sentiment is mutual.

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Munday – Backstory

Think about your character’s backstory and answer as many of the following questions as you like:

1) How much of the character’s backstory did you know when you started to play them?

I had a basic framework in which to work where Fanny was based off of one of my ancestors that my Grandmother had researched. She just sort of stuck in my head as being interesting and was pretty vocal. There was just the idea that she was Scottish, she was a village healer and that was it. Like most people of Celtic descent, she claims that there are Faery folk in her lineage. Continue reading

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From Many On My Friends List


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