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Book Review: “The Love Revolution” by Joyce Meyers

“The Love Revolution” by Joyce Meyers I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It showed me that Joyce Meyer is far ahead of her peers in the understanding of the ideal that ‘Faith without works is dead.’ Certainly there are a great many books on the market that talk about being happy and feeling good and preaching a prosperity mindset, be they geared toward the general lay public or Christians. This book gave me a whole new appreciation for Joyce Meyer and her work in the world. Continue reading

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Book Review: The Happiness Plan

“The Happiness Plan: 7 Simple Steps to Make the Life You Have the One You Want” by Carmel McConnell is founded upon the idea that we can have what we can have those things in our lives that bring us happiness and joy and it delivers on the promise. McConnell helps the reader to explore and discover what those things actually are. The book is filled with great tips, anecdotes and quotes to get you thinking about the things that make life truly have meaning vs. letting all the big things get in the way of what gives us joy and pleasure. I found myself dog-earning and highlighting numerous pages throughout, which is the mark of an author that has some profound and practical advice that should be remembered. Continue reading

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Back From Retreat

Blessed Wep Ronpet (Happy Egyptian New Year) to everyone! I am back home and I am very sorry I haven’t had much time to keep up with posts and mail. Even though I had both a laptop and my BlackBerry with me, all good intentions were lost simply because of the schedule. I offer my sincere and humble apologies if there were those whom I owe replies and/or emails. I am back home and WM posts will commence as usual.

What I can say is that this year promises to be FANTASTIC! The God of the Year is Djehuty (‘Thoth’ in Greek) and it is all about watching what you think say and do. DOING this year is mondo important and we all need to move forward without fear and not be afraid to stand in what it is that we want and GO FOR IT!

It was absolutely fabulous to see everyone! It was very much what I needed and wanted, and I cannot wait for more interactions with people throughout the year here on LJ, IM’s email, and of course the House boards.

Because I am a bit Interstate lagged as it were, I am heading to bed early, but I will be on and available to chat bright and early. 🙂

* Wep Ronpet, Nefer! Ankh, udja seneb! Dua Netjer en etj!

*(Happy New Year! Life, Prosperity & Health! Thank God for you!)


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Meme from just2hands and around to very many others as well!

Nabbed from those I love. 🙂

Pick one of my characters and I’ll tell you…

  • why I decided to play this character
  • my favorite scene or bit of interaction concerning this character to date
  • my favorite original aspect about this character (world-building for ocs or head-canon for fcs)
  • the last thing they did “off screen”
  • what their last words would be if they died tomorrow
  • what the next thing I’m doing for them is (narrative, post, shelving, whatever)


  • I will tell you what character of yours I’d like to play mine against
  • you may ask me a free question

    I have a good number of muses: Some of them are: fannyfae, nomanselizabth, sheldonsandscia, t_rainsborough, sekhmet_mrytamn, fairy_ring, faedefrance – or any one else you can think of.

    Please note that I will be on the road for a few hours tomorrow so I may be a teeny bit slow. At any rate ask and I promise an answer


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