Meme from just2hands and around to very many others as well!

Nabbed from those I love. 🙂

Pick one of my characters and I’ll tell you…

  • why I decided to play this character
  • my favorite scene or bit of interaction concerning this character to date
  • my favorite original aspect about this character (world-building for ocs or head-canon for fcs)
  • the last thing they did “off screen”
  • what their last words would be if they died tomorrow
  • what the next thing I’m doing for them is (narrative, post, shelving, whatever)


  • I will tell you what character of yours I’d like to play mine against
  • you may ask me a free question

    I have a good number of muses: Some of them are: fannyfae, nomanselizabth, sheldonsandscia, t_rainsborough, sekhmet_mrytamn, fairy_ring, faedefrance – or any one else you can think of.

    Please note that I will be on the road for a few hours tomorrow so I may be a teeny bit slow. At any rate ask and I promise an answer


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    11 responses to “Meme from just2hands and around to very many others as well!

      • I have always had a thing for Elizabeth I, ever since I was a very little girl. The reason for this, I am not sure of. I do remember watching Dame Flora Robson in “The Seahawk” with Errol Flynn and then “Fire Over England” with Sir Lawrence Olivier and Vivienne Leigh, again with Dame Flora as Elizabeth. Every time there was ANYTHING on television about the whole of the Tudor period, I had to, for whatever reason, watch it. I would read books on it, whether it was Elizabeth or Henry. I was fascinated by the whole thing. I used to got o Southern Faire in Agoura Hills, CA, when I lived in Southern California and I absolutely LOVED it.

        When Cate Blanchette played Elizabeth I, I thought she was absolutely perfect. I still do. I loved Helen Mirren’s version better of an aging Elizabeth than I did Cate’s, simply because Helen is an older woman, and when you have a younger woman playing a woman past the prime of life, it is a bit mroe difficult.

        I think the favourite scene I did was one of the first, Elizabeth’s stepfather, Thomas Seymour and how he tried to seduce her. Elizabeth was her mother’s and father’s daughter, and any many “conquering that” in a sexual manner, would be quite a coup for him, ruinious for Elizabeth, of course.

        The part that really does it for me with Elizabeth is that she is so powerful. She took the world that essentially said that women could not successfully rule and she not only proved them wrong, she proved them very wrong and built the English Empire. She was the patron saint of pirates and piracy in that she was all about her “Gentlemen Adventurers” going out and conquering the new world and gaining spanish wealth – or liberating it from Spanish ships any way she could. The amounts of money and goods etc by today’s standards are absolutely staggering. And it was a woman who held the entire world at bay – she flirted with it, she was it’s goddess in every sense of the word and even after no fewer than 25 attempts on her life during her lifetime, all of which she survived, the world, for the mostpart LOVED HER….they still have a love affair with Elizabeth. It is easy to see why. She was educated like a Prince – as if she were a man, and had the heart and stomach of a king…and a king of England, too! 😉

        Well the last thing she did was glare at Rainsborough over the fact that 1) he is a Leveller and 2) the fact that he has chosen France over England to call his homeland in his AU storyline I have him in. She knows he is a good man, but she cannot understand why England has to lose one of its sons to France…..I think she is just becoming aware of his regard for Amarante.

        Last words, Ive not a clue about. She rally is not someone I can plan for. I know she did nto want to go to bed. “If I do not watch over England than who shall?” Indeed her influence can be felt so intensely even today.

        The next thing I want to do is maybe explore a little bit about her early childhood and coming into contact with the God, who was her Father the King. He really was so important to Elizabeth. I would also like to do some AU things where she gets to interact more with her parents. I think if both of them truly were immortal and could see the wonder that their love created in Elizabeth, they would both be busting buttons with pride. So I want to write with both AU Anne and AU Henry. 🙂

        • I went to that Faire, too!

          Love Helen Mirran to pieces. She’s my favorite actress to ever play Morgan/Morganna, too. And “Fire Over England”, yay! (I love that movie, but I’m a huge Vivian Leigh fan…)

          I can’t imagine how you come up with some of the stuff you do for her. I read it and I feel like I’m actually reading history, or a real letter she’s written.

          Oh, Anne & Henry would of course be super-proud! I think they must be, really, watching from wherever they are. For Henry to see his legacy grow through Elizabeth, and for Anne to feel vindication… for AU Anne & Henry, I think they would just want to spoil her and praise her. *L*

      • Why I started playing this muse is that the little bastard wouldnt leave me alone. I kept hearing the smart assed comments in my head until finally I just decided I needed to exorcise that particular demon, as it were.

        To date, I love what we are doing with him in Bokun. He has nothing to lose by being himself with Roma, and he has nothing to really gain, because there is no way the Danmei clan is ever going to let a sociopatic little asshole like Sands get too close to the throne. The problem arises, of course, because Sands is not at all interested in any of that crap anyway. He likes Roma for herself and because he senses the fact he can turn her into something very special. She has this daredevil fearlessness, and in his line of work, that’s necssary – and with Roma, for Sands is an obvious turn on. He is being himself with no real ulterior motive other than the thrills he gets just by being with her. I think he visualises her as a Princessly-Sidney Bristow type of character. A Field Agent-Princess maybe? *g*

        I took up Sands because he is so much of a smart ass. He truly does not care about anything other than having a great time and his own objectives, which at times can be an absolute mystery to anyone but him. He can be charming as hell, but you would only trust him almost as much as a poisonous spider or an asp, which is not at all. He is also a male muse that is ok with being bad. He definitey likes to be bad!

        The last thing he did off screen was go down on Roma and made her scream in ways she never even imagined… but we aren’t there at that point in the story yet. Give him time…and he intends to take that – lots and lots of time.

        His last words would be a request to be buried ass side up and a tattoo that says, “Pucker Up, Buttercup!” That and being buried with cigarellos and puerco piblil. Im not near done with Sands. I would like to do a backstory of what happened to him as a kid, or maybe some stories where he is getting trained for or missions while doing the CIA gig. Certainly I would like to do more with Roma and Sands.

        I think I love playing up against nearly all of your muses. Certainly I adore Sands and Roma, and Frances and Roma and Frances and Byran – because he does remind her a little bit of Sebastien, but Bryan has far less finesse than her husband has/had. It’ll be interesting to see where things go in the coming months.

      • Jocelyn was a character that really was born of the love that Faelyn had for her husband, Sebastien, for whom she fought for 400 years to bring back from the dead. It was around this time of year a few years ago when we were RPing and Faelyn announced to Sebastien (unbeknownst to ME, her scribe!) that she was pregnant. He was needless to say, overjoyed. We waited the appropriate time, there was no AU speeding up of things. The one thing that was absolutely apparent is that Jocelyn is as Faelyn would have been if 1) her father had truly loved her and been invested in her upbringing, and 2) had parents that truly loved each other, and 3) Jocelyn in her own way represents the childhood and all the magick of childhood that Faelyn was denied. She went from 4 – ever-so-adult instantly and did not get the pets, the hugs and touches that Jocelyn does and did from her father. I wanted, through Jocelyn, to really show the process of what a girl, growing into womanhood goes through in order to become heir to the throne of the Fortunate Island. It won’t always be “nice”.

        I have two favourite scenes. The first one was when she was doing musketeer cookies withher father, the scond was the squirrel hunting story, whcih was absolutely brilliant. Both showed the love and devotion of the two of them as father and daughter to each other. I love it. I love how he is with her.

        Off screen she asked her father to please show her how to skin humans as her father once discussed with ehr in the squirrel story. That should be interesting. I fully intend to play Jocelyn more in the future, especially the bits with her father.

        I would love to see Jocelyn and Amarante interact more, and I would always be open to more play and interaction between Jocelyn and her father – whom she absolutely adores, and she is well aware that he adores her. So, I am looking forward to many more years of RP with you and your maginificent Muses. *hugs*.

      • Re: *late*

        Never too late. 🙂

        Why? Well, as I have said many, many times, I had this ancestor that I based Fanny off of whose voice I heard in my head, and she wouldn’t shut up, so she pretty much is like taking dictation for. I have other writer friends who have one or two that are like that as well, so who knows what it is that drives these “Muses” or characters. Her voice is the strongest. She is the loudest, she is the most formal – even more formal than Elizabeth, and interestingly those two Queens DO NOT speak to each other or interact….at all. I have no idea why.

        I have many favourite interactions with a great many characters and Fanny. My favourite is her husband, but also Hsu Danmei – and with Azazeal – simply because they have this kinship thing going on. Of course, she knows that she cannot entirely trust him, just as she cant entirely distrust him either. She is not really very good with interacting with her children. NOt sure why that is, and there are some lengthy ideas that I have.

        The aspect of Fanny that is most fascinating for me is the fact that she is based off of someone who lived, and yet outside of my own documentation, I had to make her an “Original Character”, I do admit of taking the idea that every Celt seems to claim Fae or Sidhe blood from somewhere – Faelyn or Fanny takes it quite literally.

        Its hard to imagine her last words, although she has instructed Sebastien how to end her life if that were the case, and he is the holder of that secret. Of course, she knows that Sebasetien would be not long for this world after that and, and this is what stays her hand.

        The next things I am doing with her is to actually write out some of the spells and magickal formulae that have been omitted to date. I have a producer that is after me to make her a screenplay but I thjink her novelisation has to come first. At any rate I keep working on it in addition to other projects.

        I would love to see Fanny and Norrin interact more because she is curious about him and yet isnt sure how to read hime.

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