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Not at all a surprise, considering I am a usurper…

Your result for DragonLance: Do You Wear White, Red, or Black?…

Black Robe

You’re a mage of Nuitari!

Congratulations! You’re a mage of Nuitari! You have a clear idea about what you want from life, you aim to achieve your goals, and you let very little stand in your way. You have a unique way of looking at the world. You aren’t likely to categorize things like lying, nepotism, and theft as ‘tools of the devil’; to you, they’re simply strategies that weak people are too fearful to use. To you, the world is divided into three types of people: people who make (and, incidentally, break) the laws; people who follow the laws blindly; and people who see through the system and do as they damned well please. You’re proud to count yourself among the latter group of people, and possibly the first group as well. As a mage of Nuitari, you wear black robes.

Noteworthy Black Robes in DragonLance include Ladonna, Fistandantilus, Dalamar, and late-life Raistlin.

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For fun….

Your result for Which DragonLance Character Are You?…


Beautiful and compassionate, you’re Alhana, daughter of the Speaker of the Stars, and exiled princess of the Silvanesti elves.

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– 27.3 – Fast or Slow?

Are you more comfortable when a relationship you’re in progresses quickly or slowly?

To be honest, I have had relationships go either way. So my level of comfort depends entirely upon who it is I am involved with and how we mutually feel with regard to the arrangement and levels of intimacy.

My best friend in the world is a man that I have been intimate with for nearly the whole time we have known each other. In our particular case, the relationship happened very quickly. We were friends nearly at first glance and it was as if we understood each other in ways that none before ever had. To this day we maintain that level of rapport and intimacy. And in spite of social norms of the times and the constraints of his being married and my being attached as a priestess of one of the Holy Islands, everything seemed to be a natural progression.
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From Hsu, Cody, Snake and just about everyone else….

I do not know that I would describe myself as ‘liberal’ and I am definitely not ‘inhibited’. Perhaps judiciously and ‘diplomatically reserved’ and ‘calculating’ would be far more accurate terms. Being a Sovereign, One usually would be an Alpha.

Modern conceptions can be so very idiotic.

Your result for The Reactive-Dogmatic Personality Inventory…


With your results 29% Reactive and 29% Dogmatic, you scored ALPHA. Alpha’s are generally inhibited and liberal individuals, who are open to others opinions and like to hear them, but usually keep their immediate reactions under wraps. The least unstable type.

Best Connection: Iota

Best Way You Contribute To A Team: The Councillor

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Protected: From Alexa

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Meme from Hsu Danmei (civ_barbarian )

I know this has been posted before, but here it is again. Drop me a line here, and I will tell you just exactly what I think of you. No holds barred, no screening of comments.


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Protected: Political Issues Meme (borrowed from herbmcsidhe)

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TM # 234 – Olympic Games

If you could be in the Olympics (summer or winter), what event/sport would you want to do most? Why?

I have never been so into sports that I would necessarily want to compete in them. Indeed, the whole idea of taking up a sport, in my view is for the sheer enjoyment it provides, or the fact that some sports actually play into real life. If I had to pick one sport, it would have to be fencing.

The history books will not tell you, but women did have to learn how to defend themselves and I have had, on occasion, to be called upon to defend myself. My only issue with competing on an Olympic level would be the fact that there are so many rules to be applied to the art of fencing and swordplay if it is merely for sport. While there are rules of fairplay and certainly of form to the art, when you are fighting for your life, they are not so steadfast or restrictive.

While I am sure I could hold my own against anyone that you set against me at the Olympic Games, I cannot entirely ensure that I would not be tempted within the heat of the moment to actually deliver a truly killing blow. Then that really would put a damper on things, would it not?

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 196

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Protected: Cave (RP for stereos_suck)

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I am back home! It was a fabulous Retreat! We had an absolute blast. 🙂

The only downside is that I was so busy that I had little time to write. But I am about to remedy that right now. Dua Netjer to Ra and Knum, our Gods of the Year. It’s going to be a great year of Light and Creativity! Blessed Wep Ronpet for all of our Kemetic and non Kemetic friends alike!

Wep Ronpet = Happy Egyptian New Year. 🙂


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