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WM Prompt 34.7. Mun Prompt: Which aspects of your muse are the most difficult to find?

I think one of the hardest things for me to do with Fanny is to write her in the third person. She has such a dominant and clear voice and has for so many years, that to tell very many of her stories in anything but first person sounds absolutely unnatural for her. For specific things, she has aloowed me to post for her in the third person. She sort of prefers that I not do that too often.

Also, for the longest time, I could not really write about any sort of intimate details between she and her husband. It was very odd, because it was the same way for the mun of all_forme, as well. We both can write erotica, but for whatever reason, these two, up until last summer, absolutely would not give us those details. I think it fits for his being very French, and very proper, and she tends to have the same sorts of attitude toward those sorts of things. Fanny will give you something when she is damned good and ready to give it to you, and not one bloody moment before. I have had people say to me, “Well, she is your character afterall. Can’t you you force her to do what you want?” I have to laugh at that because Fanny is not “my” character / muse”. She is based off of one of my ancestors and I am her scribe, but she is very much her own person with her own distinctive voice. Forcing her to do anything would be like trying to quite literally force a mule through the eye of a needle. It won’t happen. I can’t force her to play with anyone she doesn’t want to, either. I have had specific requests from other writers and muns only to have her write or roleplay with them, and when she turns up her nose and walks away, that’s it. Conversely, when she decides she sees something in another muse, and she is interested , Hell hath no fury, irresistible force or immoveable object that could possibly stand in her way. And she could like that person or muse for any reason she deems appropriate. I have little or no say in the matter whatsoever. To her I am the employee. I am along for the ride, so I need to simply shut up and drive to the destination that she gives me. And yes, I am very thankful she lets me drive at all, because under the dictionary definition of ‘control freak’, somewhere there must be a picture of my muse!

Fanny / Faelyn has a very specific way of doing things. She has particular tastes, personality quirks, preferences and inclinations. There are those who have either tried to write her into stories, thinking that they know what her voice is, when they really don’t understand her at all. A few prime examples are these. She won’t use contractions in sentences when she is writing. Fanny will also uses UK English specifically. I have had other writers that I partner with who give her dialogue in her posts and it is completely wrong for those two reasons mostly. Fanny is rarely silly, she is extremely formal and she tends to conduct herself as a diplomat. She is not a muse that gets angry over jealousy. She does not compete with other women. She honestly and truly believes that she does not need to. Putting her in a situation where she is required to be jealous or to “lose it” is very, very difficult. Loss of control is a breach of one of the Laws of Power that she has committed to memory. When you lose control, you quite simply in Fanny’s view, give away your Power (always spelled with a capital ‘P’), and she is NOT about to do that without a substantial bit of resistance.

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OOC: Yes, Virginia, you CAN!

You can download videos from YouTube and put them on your PC and/or to your iPod. Finally I have been able to download a few that i really like.

This program is free, and free of all spy/malware. It’s the best interface I have seen so far. Check it out!

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TM # 228 – 3 AM

Unus est, Trinus est; in Omni Angulo est.
Omnia comprehendit, Fuit est; et vobis erit.
Finis et origo.*

am by nature more nocturnal than I am a creature of the daylight. Perhaps I can attribute such to my Unseelie blood, or perhaps that was always in my nature. It is, they say, the nature of women, especially of creatures of the Night and of Magic, to use the hours of darkness to make mischief. I do readily confess, my most productive hours are during the hours of the night when I may go relatively unobserved. But on this night, I was not to be afforded such a privilege.

The clock had struck three times as a gentle reminder that my evening had spilled into the wee hours of morn.


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Meme from little_immie

I know I have done this before.

1. Can you cook?

es, of course. I make very good Sidhe, French and Indian food. Please do not ask me about Scots cooking. Everyone in the world knows that Scottish cooking leaves much to be desired. I am a Scot that has neither developed a hand for nor a taste of for haggis. I have always been convinced that it is not meant for human consumption. I think it must have been some twisted ancient rite of initiation that some sadistic Highland Laird thought up in order to see just who would actually eat it. I am sure he is still laughing from the grave even now!

2. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator?

Wait or strike up a conversation with anyone else who happened to be on board as well.

3. What talent do you wish you had?

I wish I had the ability to enjoy embroidery even just a little bit. Although, I confess I do loathe it passionately.

4. Favorite place?
My home on the Forutnate Island, or my husband’s home at the Chateau de Rochefort.
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1.1 Mémoires for

t was a matter of a few weeks after Sebastien’s death that I found his personal journal. I had not been looking for it, nor had I intended to pry into those thoughts that were most certainly his and his alone. The dark brown leathern covers looked well worn, used and kept amongst my husband’s private things. I thought, in our years together that were now all but too short a span of time, I had seen him writing in it, as he had seen me writing in my own, but far more immense book. This one now beckoned. It was an invitation, and I could almost see him standing there in front of the fire, holding his precious tome out to me and saying, “I want you to know, Faelyn. I want you to know all of me. See this beast of a man that you have married and locked your soul to for all that he is.” Wordlessly, but not without gratitude I accepted that invitation. Continue reading


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adar dà theine Bhealltainn, which in Scottish Gaelic means, ‘Between two fires of Beltane’. There are many reasons why it is my favourite holiday of the year, none of the least of which it signifies, at least in the land of my mother, the beginning of summer, and it also is the anniversary of my wedding to my husband, le Comte de Rochefort, Sebastien.

The festivities begin at moonrise on the night before May first. This festival metaphysically algins with the Earth’s reproductive energies – all things sexual, all things regarding the regenerative properties of Life itself culminate at this time. The celebrations mark the end of winter and the awakening of all the creatures of the Land into the Bright Half of the year. Even on the Fortunate Island, where we do not know winter, we feel the sap begin to rise and flow forth within the world around us. When the Bale fires are lit, the world raises it’s voice in rejoicing.
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#226 – Looking Forward

Name three things that you’re looking forward to in the near future and why.

nly three?

I am looking forward to getting to know my husband, Sebastien again. How does one refer to oneself if you are no longer a widow and have brought your husband back from the dead? Re-educating him on how things now work in the world has been a challenge, if not for me, certainly for him. Sometimes the sheer look of exasperation on his face is enough to bring me to want to embrace him and reassure him that even though he feels a stranger in this now strange land, he is adapting admirably. I confess, it’s been a slow process, but I am definitely not sorry I brought him back. I am hoping that he is not regretful of it either.

The birth of our second child. It seems hard to believe that it’s been so long since I had Caroline. Now that Sebastien has returned, I find myself anxiously awaiting our second child. I am told both by intuition and by other means of divination that the babe will most likely be a girl. If that is the case, I have asked Sebastien if we might name her after his mother, Joselyn Isabetta de Rochefort. He has agreed.

And more immediately, I am looking forward to Beltane Eve. It is the anniversary of when Sebastien and I wed, and auspiciously in our Rites and Celebrations, it is also the coming of spring, As the day quickly approaches, my mind also goes to Caroline who is, it seems, finding love for the first time in her life. I have to keep reminding myself not to interfere. Stelios is a good man and I not only approve of his seeing my daughter, but I genuinely like him/ Even Sebastien has relented somewhat on the subject of, “That Spartan”, as he likes to call him. I have been able to get my husband to relax, however, I think like most fathers, he worries quite alot about being replaced. Of course, he never has to worry about that, but I suppose that is a natural instinct all the same.

Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore/ Mythology
Word Count: 364
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