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27.6 – Initiation

There is a great deal to be said about those who serve. In some languages, Egyptian and especially ancient Sidhe in particular, to be a ruler or a teacher, means that you are a servant, if not a slave. It is the same word in any of those instances. What people do not realize is how much Power service truly has. There are those who wield Power and those whom are attracted to it. There are those who study it and there are those who seek to master it.

He was before her now, bound, blindfolded, naked and kneeling.


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OOC: notifs not being received

It seems LJ is not playing nice again and not sending out notifies as well as they could. If I owe you a tag, please let me know. Some of you I know that I owe reps to and I will be getting on those directly.

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Happy Birthday, Caroline!

I wish a most joyous birthday to you, my beloved daughter, Caroline Elizabeth de Rochefort. You have grown into a fine woman of whom your father and I are very proud! Bon Fete!

With Love,


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OOC Thank you’s!

This scribe is a little stunned at having won Outstanding Writing of a Female Original Character for fannyfae and Outstanding Writing of a Female RPF/Historical Muse for nomanselizabeth. I, in all honesty, had not even expected either muse to make it to the finals let alone win. I am humbled and grateful for all those around me who have made my muse shine. Most specifically these people make me and my muse look very good. I would like to thank the muses and muns of all_forme, civ_barbarian, grissom_tm, allfor_one, a_roman_w_power, _call_me_snake_, little_immie, and so, so, SO many others that I cannot even begin to count or list with my pre-coffee mind.

Thank you for all who voted, thank you for all of your hard work and caring and most of all thank you for the precious gift of your friendship. You mean a very great deal to the muses and to me.


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Mun prompt: Do you find yourself playing your muse in a single timeline or do you run multiple histories? If that’s the case, how does your muse change from one to another? What about those of you who play your muse at varying ages? What does your muse gain or lose with age? Feel free to share their life experiences with us.

Since Fanny is half-Fae and essentially an immortal character, I have had the luxury of playing her in several different time frames. Since she was borni n 1444, we were able from that period onward, if I or rather she so chose, to explore those areas. One of the first storylnes in Fanny’s timeline was one that she and I worked out with the muse civ_barbarian and his mun set in the time of Richard and the two princes in the Tower. Now, we have not finished exploring that story, and I personally intend to do more with it if everyone involved also agrees. But certainly it started setting up her canon and the canon for when she and Hsu Danmei actually met and became the firiends that they are. I have just begun exploring a little bit more her childhood and her time on the Fortunate Island as a young woman leading up to her usurpation of the Throne. Continue reading

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