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Have you killed anyone before?

ye. I have. More than once and certainly for a variety of reasons. My first kill was nothing so noble as self preservation or self defence. I poisoned my foster mother, Morgienne, former High Lady of the Fortunate Island. I did this in part because she had taken the life of my own mother, and partially because I wanted to usurp her place on the throne of the Fortunate Isle. *shrugs* And why not? She deserved what she got, just as I deserved the throne.

The others that have met death by my hand, it really had less to do with vengeance and more to do with what was in the interests of self-preservation and political expediency. Rarely has there ever been malice behind the taking of a life on my part. One of the great Laws of Power is that you never put too much trust in friends and you learn to use your enemies. And when you destroy an enemy, you need to crush your enemy totally. There can be no chance that the head of the snake can rear up and bite you later on, or that the progeny of the serpent you just slew will in vengeance return to roost where you are. A certain detachment is required, lest you become sentimental and soft hearted and forget that an enemy once smitten and left to live, tends to have a very long memory indeed.

Character name: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Disclaimers warning: Frances Moira MacKay,aka Fanny Fae, aka Faelyn,
et al are based off of one of my ancestors and are therefore sole property of ME!
Challenge topic: Have you killed anyone before?
Rating: PG

Word Count: 238
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Meme borrowed from atia

– Friends.
– Sex.
– Music.
– Drugs.
– Love.
– (Free Topic) Anything at all.

No matter how rude, sexual, or confidential. You don’t have to put this in your journal if you don’t want. I might go over to yours and ask you the same thing. I may be slow to reply however.


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Who is the one person that you would really like to know what they are thinking, and why?

hen I first considered the question, i’faith, I thought I would like to know what it is exactly that king_of_goblins or curly_bill, thought about any given thing. Both of them seem to elude my way of thinking for rather obvious reasons. Jareth, because I consider him my friend, and yet there is always something that is held in reserve in our friendship on both sides. Bill, because though I like and honestly care for the man as the best friend of my husband and godfather to our daughter, Caroline, I donnae understand him. Some days I think that Bill would help me in a fix, and others I think he wishes he could strangle the life out of me, if it would not cause any sort of detriment to either John or Caroline. I also thought, too, about wondering how redking_nuada felt about me after all these aeons. By all rights I should have agreed to be Nuada’s bound consort for longer than I was, but I had to go my own way. We both knew that.

So at last, I come up on the one person whom I would really like to know what he was thinking – even though most days and at the deepest levels I have convinced myself that I already know. That person would be my husband. Although I am certain that he loves me with the whole of his heart,I want to know why he loathes himself so much, and refuses to forgive himself ever for the wrongs that he has done in life. I want to know why love and understanding cannot penetrate that dark shell that still threatens to overtake him. I know that despair and tragedy have followed on his heels for most of his life, and yet it has been quiet, peaceful and blessed many times over.

Maybe if I were to see it from his point of view I would know why. I would know once and for all why there are things beyond my understanding of Power. There are still things, small things that matter so very much that elude me – even with regard to the one person whom I love more than any other.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character /’Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 359
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Talk about your father….

never knew my father.

I never even met my father until I was grown to womanhood, and even then, it was long after the passing of my mother, my trials under my foster-mother, Morgienne, and my usurpation to become High Lady of the Fortunate Isle.

Gan Ceanach, an Unseelie Prince, known by many names, came to my mother, a devoted young priestess, much to the chagrin of the High Lady of the Island, Morgienne. Within a moon, they realized that my mother was with child. That child was I. He never came to my mother again, not even when she gave birth to me. My father’s brand of Fae arrogance exceeded that of all others. He couldn’t be found, let alone be bothered it seemed. Continue reading


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