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Who would you like to see get their final comeuppance? Who is it and just what would you do with them?

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The Story Continues….

As per my promise to the king_of_goblins.

Everything in the world of Fae had its own glamour, Fanny mused, and in this world that Jareth had created there was very little difference. But the rules bent here, and they played and twisted like sunlight bouncing off of a prism. Continue reading


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What makes you feel vulnerable and what makes you feel invulnerable, and why?

I don’t enjoy feeling vulnerable. However, when I am or when I allow myself to be, it is usually when I have lain myself open. I have opened myself and been completely forthright and honest with another. Both of those things can be quite dangerous to a Wytch or to one of the Fae, if entered into foolishly. It is quite rare that I allow that to happen, because a Wytch has to leave herself some means to escape, a loophole in order to wheedle out of any given predicament or promise if necessary. Magic is all about control. Control of that kind often makes a person feel less vulnerable. Whether or not you can hold that control; that is the trick.

Invulnerability is an illusion. But even I have allowed myself to be wrapped up in that illusion and hide in it like a child hides under a blanket. There is some comfort in that illusion, and if one is a true Magus, they are more than able to insure that others also partake of the illusion.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction
Word Count: 178


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