What is the most important value you can pass on to your child?

I have no children -and really no plans to have any. I take that back. I did have a child once, but alas, he did not survive long past his birth.

But be that as it may, i’faith, I do believe that the greatest thing that you can pass along to a child is a strong sense of self and self reliance. When someone has those things, they have the ability within themselves to create their own magic. Their Will, their dynamic use of ego is in place and the world moves aside for such as these. Too many cower in fear of their own shadow, and are frightened by the sound of their own voice or the feel of how it is to wield their own power. If I were to pass one thing on to the next generation, it would be the knowledge that from central point of the Self – you can do absolutely anything you dare to dream.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Fiction and Traditoinal Folklore
Word Count: 160

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